Friday, August 24, 2007


It's 4:30 on Friday and I'm supposed to be dashing out the door.

So what am I doing sitting here at my desk, blogging instead?

I'm staring at the sheets of rain outside that are going sideways. I can see it clearly as I sit right by the storefront door/ window thingie.

And in this I get to navigate around idiot drivers, pick up the offspring x2, and somehow miraculously make it home without someone killing me.

Have I mentioned I have this tiny little "driving in the rain" phobia? Something about me rear-ending a semi back in 1990 up in Lexington, North Carolina, with my little sister, mother, and grandmother in the mini van.


So... wish me luck! I'll catch y'all when I make it in.


Scott said...

Nothing wrong with having that fear! Memories of your accident are powerful. It's probably better to wait until you are comfortable with the road conditions before you drive. White knuckle driving isn't good.

Amanda said...

Scott, you said it.

I left a little after I posted, and just got home now (5:55 by my time, left 4:40 my time -- my posting times are messed up for some reason). The rain fluctuated the tiniest bit, but weather was crappy the whole way.

I think I'm gonna shotgun a bunch of spicy V8 until my nerves are more calm and I'm more concentrating on the burning in my stomach than the shaking in my hands, LOL.

maggie's mind said...

I am *terrified* of driving in the rain. I never used to be growing up. Then I was in a Mustang when it spun out. Then I spun out in a Subaru. Now, the car I drive just doesn't "feel right" even on dry pavement even though I'm told there is nothing wrong other than tire width combined with grooves on the highway. And so whenever it's rainy, I'm the one on the far right going 45 instead of 55 or 70 because my foot is shaking too badly to go any faster. I can't wait until the day I can buy a car I feel safe driving.

Always just take your time, do your thing, apologize to no one even if they gesture at you, and know that you are no nuttier than me (sorry, best I could come up with ;))

Angel said...

Glad you're home safe--that was some rainstorm!

I was out in it as well, but thankfully didn't have far to go--but wearing a new pair of glasses with a headache made for a fun 10 minutes.

HATE driving in the rain. At night? NUH UH.

But I'm glad it's cooled down finally!

I think I'm going to have some raspberry beer tonight.

Amanda said...

Maggie, it's amazing how our earlier experiences color our adult fears. I mean, it's expected and even documented, but still... wow.

And I'll be fine with knowing I'm no nuttier than you, LOL!

Angel, I know!! To fall back on a junior high phrase, it sucked majorly. And I got to get out of the car twice (once to get each kid), THEN got to haul all three of us out of the car to dash into the house. YUCK.

As for your raspberry beer, I'm enjoying a nice glass of chardonnay tonight. I'm also watching TLC's What Not to Wear insanity, and will be playing on Second Life :)

Weather notwithstanding, life is good :)

Mauigirl said...

I hate doing anything in the rain. I recently stayed at work until about 8 p.m. to avoid going out into it!

I don't like driving in the rain either - I prefer snow to rain, in fact. Come to think of it, I was in an accident in the rain once too; someone rear-ended me while I was waiting to turn left at a light. They skidded on the wet pavement.

Fraochán said...

I hate driving in the rain, ESPECIALLY at night. It messes with my weird.

We got hit REALLY bad here on Thursday - when I looked outside (at one point) the trees were bent over and rain coming down a ton a minute..reminded me of the news clips of hurricanes we see on CNN.

At least the sun made it's appearance

Mark said...

Another one here who hates driving in the rain ESPECIALLY at night. I"ll be the one going about 10-15 miles UNDEr the speed limit in the far right lane. Even though I DO have 4 wheel drive.