Monday, August 13, 2007

Chantix Day 10

This higher dose is still making me dizzy. I think it's going away faster (I didn't fall asleep at my desk today, much to the delight of Those Who Sign My Paycheck), but that could be because I was busier today than yesterday.

So this effect of Chantix seems to be similar to the likely psychosomatic itching at least in that I don't notice it so much when I'm distracted by other things. I'm going to go with the theory that this means it really is going away more quickly, and that my body is adapting to the increased dosage.

Here's hoping! Because right now? I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard.


Stan said...


You know Chantix definitely had impact on my sleep. Given that my sleep was never really consistent, it was even more disrupted on Chantix. I only had 3 weeks of the drug, so can't really vouch for what happens after.

Either way, it sounds like you can get through that side effect, if it's for the ultimate good of living a long and healthy life!

Hope you wake up some!

Scott said...

Having never heard of Chantix before reading of it in your blog, I quickly googled it. It seems the normal course is 12 weeks.

But I see Stan only took it for 3. So do you know how long you are supposed to take it?

Oh, and in one of my recent posts, I wrote "Peas are great." But I appologized to you, since I know that you believe peas to be the devil.

tz said...

How often do you take it? can you take it at a different part of the day?

and this said from a person who knows nothing about chantix until reading your blog nor have had to stop smoking (pizza's my drug of choice)

hang in there! and ditto to what stan said that it's for the ultimate good of living a good life!

Amanda said...

Stan, oh the dreams I've been having! Hehehe... Tuesday I dreamed I got to work over an hour late, then returned from lunch over two hours late, and somewhere between sleep and alertness I managed to convince myself it was Saturday, so I turned off my alarm...

I woke up and made it to work on time, but it was close!

Scott, I plan to go the full 12 weeks. Stan had a very severe reaction itch-wise to it, and I am hopeful that fate will not befall me. That said, I post about itching and I itch. Bleah.

I shall have to check out your pea post! And I know some folks don't hate them. Heck, I'm related to many of those people.

I just despise them. I can't help myself. Mom says I loved them when I was little, but I think she's confused... ;)

TZ, Chantix is taken twice a day -- once in the morning and once in the evening. I'm trying to find a good time to take it. I'd been taking the first after lunch and the last right before bed (to lessen the overall "awake-time" effects), but that hasn't so much helped, so now I'm trying mid-morning and right before bed. Kind of spreading it out a bit more.

I shall hang in there. No worries! Besides, I'm increasing my allocation to my 401(k) so I can't afford to smoke when this is over ;)

(hey, we use what tools we can!)