Friday, August 24, 2007

Chantix Day Something-or-Other

I'm going to have to be fast with this.

Dreams getting less weird, or at least I'm remembering them less.

It appears, though, that I've now got a lovely upset stomach issue this morning, coinciding neatly with shortly after I took the Chantix.

Yes, I'd eaten.

So this could be coincidence, as I think you're supposed to take the Chantix after eating to avoid such a reaction. But then again, I could just be "lucky".

We shall see!


maggie's mind said...

The nausea entered and exited and then entered again without rhyme or reason throughout my Chantix journey. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten too bad. And I think you are about Chantix Day 21 (I only know because the link to your blog on mine mentions dates). Have you set a quit date yet?

Amanda said...

Only about 4. The "Drop Dead" date is September 3.

maggie's mind said...

Awesome. Drop dead no matter what with certainty dates are good, and I tend to like Mondays for stuff like that, too. Go Amanda!