Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Amanda and Angel, Live and in Color!

Okay, to clarify, for me it's not so much color except my lipstick, which looks REALLY freaking dark.

Angel has posted that video she had her daughter shoot of us at the HP7 release back a few weeks ago. So if anyone's curious enough to see what we look like in action (and to hear my not so dulcet tones), please click here.

Angel's voice is awesome, and although she grips about her chin on the video, I must point out that I didn't notice it.

I did, however, once again notice that I scratched my face and was extremely obviously chewing gum.

Well, they don't let us smoke in the bookstore. Something about poisoning the other patrons. Sheesh. Darn those bookstores anyway, looking out for the health of the majority of their customers!

So, gum it was for me.

Just regular gum though, not Nicorette. First, I wasn't actively quitting smoking yet, so I didn't have much lying around, and second, I just didn't need the nicotine enough to stick one of those lovely little cardboard pieces of gum into my mouth (I tend to chew the "old style" Nicorette).

Okay, enough babbling. Click on over to Angel's.

Strong beverages should be avoided at this time.


maggie's mind said...

Just awesome!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Oh that's great. I love that I have a face to your blog :-)

Scott said...

Video . . . NICE!

That earns a Conan O'Brien Style growl from me!

Amanda said...

Maggie, thanks! I don't think I have a future in TV, though. The weird quick smiles, the gum chewing... eewww. Hee.

And Fishwithoutbicycle, glad you liked it! Heck, you've not only got a face but a voice and accent, may God have mercy on you ;)

And LOL, Scott... thanks! I'm glad you approve.