Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chantix Day 12, and Cat News

Today was day 12, 5th day of full dosage of Chantix.

It appears that the dizziness is fading, to be replaced by a weird (albeit milder) version of both side effects this has on me, that being a) I'm dippy, but not as dippy as I was Saturday, and b) I'm not so much dizzy as I am feeling as if when I walk, it's through really heavy air.

Not increased gravity, just very dense air.

I'll say this for the Chantix, it's certainly interesting. It's also affording my bosses endless amusement opportunities as they watch my memory fade out, then snap back in.

Fortunately the guys have a good sense of humor.


In cat news, Daniel went to the vet today. Yes, again. This time it was for a weird black thing in his left nostril.

I'd let it sit for a couple of days thinking it was just mucus, maybe a touch of blood (we have three cats, there was no obvious injury... go figure).

Well, yesterday I was trying to look at it more closely, which is no small feat considering Daniel's resistance to anything remotely resembling an inspection of his face. I managed to touch the blackish thing and I swear, it felt like it stung me!

It had kind of looked spidery prior to this point, but I figured that was ridiculous. However, the weird stingy feeling made me rethink.

So this morning I called and made an appointment for His Majesty to go to the vet. My husband took him as I was at work and he was off (note to self: do TRY to give Himself more than 55 minutes notice to get cleaned up and crate the cat next time).

One pissed off cat, one harried husband, and seventy dollars later, the diagnosis?

Mucus. Mixed with blood.

And I'm the psycho cat-mommy who thinks snot stung her.

Emily goes in next Monday for a well-kitty check and a claw trim. I'll be lucky if they don't try to drug me.


Stan said...

How cool to read about your new virtual Chantix reality with things stunning you and your mind doing all these cool things with your memory.

I'm really sorry but I also felt rather weird on Chantix. You get used to it, I think, and it goes away once you're off of it.

It's nice how your bosses are amused with that kind of workplaces!

Amanda said...

"Virtual Chantix reality"... love it!

It's too funny how it happens with no warning. One minute I'll be fine, the next minute I'll be so vague it's amazing. On the plus side, at least I'm not the only person who's occasionally "off."

Today one of my bosses was about to ask me to do something and it just flew right out of his brain. I said, "You mean I need to fix the thingies in the whatchamacallit?"

"Yeah! Fix the edits in the punch list!"

Another time, I'd just put a caller on hold so I could check and see if one of the guys was in. One of the other bosses came by on his way to lunch. The fact that I had someone on hold completely left my mind as he told me where he was going, and then the phone on hold beeped at me.

"What, I have someone on hold?"

"Yeah, you were going to look for..."

"Oh crap! Semi-Boss X!

Yes, sir, I'm sorry, he's still at lunch. May I take a message?"

The boss I was talking to nearby just grinned, laughed, and went on explaining what his schedule was when I hung up with poor on-hold-man.

And I agree with you on that being the best kind of workplace. These folks are awesome. I've known many of them since I was, well, two years old, and others I've known for nearly as long. They know I'm on Chantix (I told the one boss it would be much better once his secretary was no longer drugged, LOL), and they're very supportive.

They rock :)

Babs RN said...

Those really aren't documented side effects of Chantix. Though the brain fog IS a side effect of nicotine withdrawal.

Here's the rundown:

Amanda said...

Babs, yeah, I know. And it could be that as well... but I have to say that as far as my body is concerned, I know nicotine withdrawal. Been there, done that. This is a whole different breed of animal.

Well, that plus these effects are what I notice at certain time periods after the daytime Chantix dose, no matter what time I change it to.

Regardless, this too shall pass... even if it waits until I'm off this stuff, LOL.

I will peruse that list a bit more closely, though. Good stuff there.

maggie's mind said...

Amanda, better that they notice the brain fade instead of the farting ;)

That said, I didn't really get the brain fade thing, so if it does get worse instead of better, it might be worth talking to your doc about just to make sure all is good. Otherwise, as long as it's really not too terrible, just enjoy!

Amanda said...

Maggie, I've got an appointment with my doctor for September 5th, and I'll mention the Brain Fade if it continues, LOL.

Better than than itching. I swear.

Mauigirl said...

LOL about the cat nostril problem. Not long after we got Diva I rushed her to the vet as an emergency because I thought there was something wrong with her - she was mellow. Being mellow was so out of character I thought she was sick. Turned out it was the first nice warm day of the year and she just felt relaxed, I guess. There was nothing wrong. I'm an avowed hypochondriac anyway, so I guess I'm a pet hypochondriac too.

Jason said...

I started Chantix today! I started a blog for readers to track my progress and for myself to reflect upon how I've felt throughout the process.

Best of luck to everyone! Read up on my progress here:

chantix said...
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Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

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Thank you.