Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday

Made some steel cut oats this morning. Good stuff. The Elder Offspring (home sick, which would explain my extra time this morning) thinks they're gross. Heh.

We have to get the garden in this next weekend. I'm feeling too cheap to keep buying fresh at the store when I can grow them and just run out back and grab some green beans. Plus I suspect I'll waste less that way since if I let things go too long on the plant, at least they can go to seed rather than rotting in my fridge as some of my produce purchases tend to.

I've knitted two dishcloths, and would have finished the third except I decided to go all fancy-schmancy with it and use the seed stitch rather than the garter stitch, so I'm actually having to remember if I knitted or purled last.

[Note: Yes, I realize this further cements my descent into middle age, and yeah Tycho, I know I should be saving for the Old Folks' Home... but a girl, even an aging one, needs to have her little amusements :P]

The boys are asking when I'll be done, because they think I should be making them new blankets for their beds. Knitted, of course.

I have a feeling this dishcloth could take a painfully long time.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Aging of Amanda

Me at the grocery store during my lunch hour today:

"Gosh, those steel cut oats that they're wanting $7.00 a can for? I can GET those now, because I don't have to pay for cigarettes! Spiffy!!"

In related news, I've also developed an unholy addiction to Tazo brand teas, specifically the Passion blend. It doesn't contain actual tea -- it's an herbal infusion, to be precise -- so it isn't even the caffeine I'm stuck on.

Will wonders never cease. First, I'm not smoking. Second, I'm not using my new-found wealth (hah!) to buy even more Diet Coke.

Instead I'm spending my savings on porridge and tea.

Oh, and yarn. Because once again, I'm knitting. Now granted, I'm knitting square dishcloths because the point to this knitting isn't craft or creativity; it's primarily to keep my hands busy because I'm not smoking, and eating to replace the smoking just is not an option.

But still... knitting.

I've also come to the conclusion that for my next pair of glasses, I'm going to go ahead and bite the bullet and get bifocals because switching between regular and reading glasses flat-out sucks.


Call the old folks' home, kids. I'm incoming.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

My First Thirty-Ninth Birthday

*humming "Happy Birthday to Me"...*

Yep folks, I've made it yet another year. If I'm calculating correctly, this is my third birthday I've celebrated while blogging.

On the one hand, Wow! I've managed to blog through three actual birthdays!

On the other hand, well, after nearly forty years? Three birthdays passing, i.e., a mere two years and a day?


Conflicted much, me? Nah.


Anyway, I've celebrated my birthday in my usual style, taking the day off and doing stuff that I enjoy. It's been a bit more active birthday than usual as The Male Factor was also off work today, so we went to the store, then went to lunch, then to the bookstore, then looked at furniture, then Starbucks, then more furniture, then restaurant stopping again, then getting the cake, then getting the kids, THEN home...

So... erm, yeah, slightly busier than usual ;)

Still not smoking here. Although it seems my brave "Bring. It. On." really meant "Bring on the fried goods" since that's been most of my evening meal intake this week.

Oh well. I'll straighten it out. I have to. I just bought new jeans last weekend, and the heck with outgrowing those suckers right after they've been purchased.

So, thirty-nine years old, and still cheap.

That works.