Saturday, August 11, 2007

Retail Therapy

Or... not so much.

Today, Mom and I took the boys to one of our semi-local malls.

Back in the day I'd have said "to the mall" or "to [insert name of mall here]." Because back in the day there was one local mall (we now have two) and other malls were far enough away (i.e., more than 15 minutes) to merit a name mention.

Now? Two local, like I said, and several others under an hour's drive. Welcome to growth central, AKA central Florida.

Anyway, we went to one of the semi-local ones which was new a mere 15 years ago and which has also just had a face lift. Our primary purpose? To burn some Saturday hours. Our secondary purpose?

To purchase a bedding set for the eight-year-old. Sigh.

Remember the child back in the Walmart/SpongeBob post? The one who didn't care what kind of bedding he had?

Uh-huh. Those of you with kids older than mine knew what would happen. He finally wanted to pick out his own comforter and sheets.

We ended up at Sears (not Macy's -- I'm crazy, not stupid).

Thankfully, he ignored the delightful Sponge Bob display.

Unfortunately, he spied the Pirates of the Caribbean display.


So now my eight-year-old is the proud possessor of a Pirates comforter, bedsheet set, and decorative pillow (with glow-in-the-dark appliques!).

Need I mention there are a couple of skulls in all this happiness?


So anyway... one kid, Sponge Bob Central.

The other? Skulls.

On the plus side, at least we have an "at sea" theme going. Eyeroll.

(Amanda wanders off, clutching her head, and hopes she'll shake this new practice of referring to herself in the third person in short order...)


Mauigirl said...

You're being a good mom. I never had a "theme" bedroom. I never had a bedroom set, even. I had mismatched furniture and slept in my "youth" bed till I was 18! (I was short so it was OK). My mother told me I could have a bedroom set like my friend Mary Jane's if I kept my room clean for a month. As you can guess, I never did!

Amanda said...

Lady, I do my best. And they don't have total "theme" bedrooms on purpose, although the younger son has one more by accident.

And their furniture is a combination of hand-me-down and garage sale. But we try to make it work together, and for the most part, it does.

They're happy with it. And someday, the bedroom suites may come.

There's a nice consignment shop nearby ;)

Babs RN said...

Hey! Pirates of the Caribbean is COOL.

Amanda said...

Oh girl, it's totally cool! My husband and I loved the first movie, and enjoyed the rest of the series as well.

But skulls? In an EIGHT-year-old's room?

I'm just trying to adjust. I'm used to being the mommy of two very little boys... rather than being the mommy of two "really, they're getting older" boys.

It's the way things should be, but... Wow. And ouch.

Angel said...

Hee, Superboy has Pirates stuff in his room too ;)

My mom got him a POTC blanket for his bed, but didn't buy the skull sheets.

:::pausing a moment to think and drool over Johnny Depp:::

Amanda said...

Angel, yeah, the skull sheets might have been a bit much for a five-year-old... heh.

Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow... happysigh :)