Friday, August 03, 2007


Whine, whine... the good news is that at least I'm self aware about my whining as well as my ability to quit smoking without a bit more assistance.

I went to my GP today, who is also conveniently my husband's GP. After he nearly threw his back out doing the happy dance because Himself and I are serious about quitting smoking, the Very Nice M.D. wrote us both prescriptions for Chantix.

Actually, he did the prescriptions on this little PDA which fired them directly off to our pharmacy. Cool, huh? So, Chantix, here we come!


In other news, Angel has posted pictures of the two of us from the HP7 release. The first one, she looks great. I'm grinning so widely though that my cheeks are trying to cover up my eyes and I appear to have developed some weird side-dimples.

On the plus side, as Angel pointed out, it's a good shot of the rack. Magazine rack, of course, is what I mean.

The third picture shows off my nice yellow nicotine-stained teeth. I think I'll use that for motivation in addition to my other stuff.

But we had a blast at the release, and hopefully I'll get my pictures off my camera someday so I can post a few of my own. Those of you who've been waiting for more of my vacation pictures know how long that can take...


Stan said...

That is the best thing you will do for yourself during your whole life. Quitting on Chantix. Join the crowd, and best of luck! Feel free to drop by and read up. Me (, Maggie ( and other blogged a lot about our quits on Chantix. So far soo good! :)

maggie's mind said...

So awesome to hear! Like Stan already said, there are a bunch of us doing the Chantix thing and blogging about it, and between the two it's really made it much easier than any other attempt to quit I've made. Today is my 47th smoke-free day, and it is such a wonderful feeling. I hope you'll post more about your Chantix experience along the way!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Stan and Maggie!

I'm actually over reading Stan's blog right now, and Maggie, I'll move on to yours once I've read all his backposts (assuming work remains so insanely light today -- usually I don't do the blog thing at the office!).

It's great to see there's a smoking cessation/ Chantix blogging community out here. The support is absolutely going to be helpful. Shoot, even those folks in my regular blogging community have really stepped up to the plate.

All y'all are awesome :)

Scott said...

Wow! You applied makeup when you were in labor?! Thanks for saying I am cute! I saw from the pictures that you are a knockout. Lucky husband of yours . . . ;-)

maggie's mind said...

Awesome, Amanda. I hope you find much inspiration reading through other Chantix blogs as I did. I've added a link to your blog on mine as well.

Amanda said...

Scott, yes indeed I did! Full makeup, for that matter... base, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara... the works.

I did learn, though, that trying to apply liquid eyeliner mid-contraction is a major no-no.

I was sitting there at my vanity perched on my exercise ball, breathing in between various applications, while Angel just sort of stared at me and giggled in befuddlement. Hey, as a distraction technique it worked like a charm!

Plus this was with kid #2. I knew darned good and well I wasn't going to be doing full makeup again for quite awhile, LOL.

You're welcome for the "cute" compliment and thanks to you for the compliment about me! My husband happens to agree :D He's pretty hot, too... ::fanning self::

Maggie, Stan's blog is amazing and I'm looking forward to reading yours once I finish off his. Thank you for linking me! I'm going to add you and Stan as soon as I finish off a bit more reading myself.

I don't know how you two found me, but I'm glad you did :)

Angel said...

I certainly hope the med helps!!

I would have gnawed off a limb during my Lyrica withdrawal--my neuro would do *nothing* for me, saying I couldn't possibly be having withdrawal. Whatever.

And hush, you looked FABULOUS that night. I certainly didn't notice your teeth (though maybe I was dazzled by the hair ::grin::)