Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blast it.

It's gonna have to be Chantix.

Why? Because I'm a total wimp. And apparently, so is my husband, aka He of the Will of Iron (not to be confused with Forging Iron Man, because, cute as Scott is? So not my husband, LOL).

So, we're wimps. Fortunately, our family doctor (my GP) is next door to my office. I'll be making a call in the morning and I'll see what he can do for us.

I'm tired of smoking. Even still.

Sorry for the "Smoking is BAD" theme, y'all. Not meaning to go there, seriously. Just spewing. If you're still smoking, I have nothing to say about it. Honestly. Been there. Still there, in so many MANY ways. So... no worries, y'all.


Mauigirl said...

Good luck to you. I didn't know about Chantix; just looked it up. Sounds very helpful!

Scott said...

Well I'm glad you are on the right path! I imagine it's really tough to quit.

At the risk of forevermore being known as "the cancer dude," I gotta say quitting smoking is a wise choice, young Padawan. (A little nerd for ya!)

CANCER is hundreds or thousands of different diseases with similar characteristics, like, if you leave it alone, it will spread and tax the body until you die. So all I am an "expert" in is bone cancer.

But my grandmother killed herself from oat cell carcinoma. Which is a type of lung cancer she got from years of smoking. Probably not fun.

Now my Dad, who quit smoking right around the time I was concieved, has recently developed emphysema. So he's on oxygen, from something he was doing over 20 years ago.

So keep it up! Quitting is good!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Maui -- I'm thinking it will be. Here's hoping I don't get the itch problem, which some folks have had on Chantix.

And Scott, yeah, it's tough to quit. But you're right, it's a wise choice, and it's one I have to make to make sure I keep on living life the way I want to live it.

Thanks for the support :)

AtYourCervix said...

I've never heard of Chantix, but I hope it works well for you.

My other half is a smoker - and he has no intention of quitting. Grrrrr.....I can't stand the smell of it. Not to mention, I would like him to be alive for a while.

Amanda said...

AYC, well, I wish you luck with the smoker in your life. In his defense, it is very difficult to quit, and the addiction is so freaking insidious... grrr...

The stench, everything, it means nothing to a smoker who isn't ready to quit. It meant nothing to me for years. But lately, I'm just tired of it. So it's time to stop. And it's even better timing as my other half is tired of smoking as well.

Thank you for your well-wishes!