Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Goodness...

My posts have been full of potty talk lately, haven't they? I think subconsciously I've been trying to make sure I don't drop from an R-rating yet again... heh.


I ate too much today. Again. DRAT.

I do fine with food as long as I keep temptation away from myself. So in general, I make sure the freezer at work is stocked with my breakfast and lunch, as well as various low-cal/ healthy snack items.

Unfortunately, for the last several weeks the office has been inundated with food. Not just any food, but food I like... such as nice cakes from our local snooty bakery, cheese bread from same, a dessert delivery from one of the lighting sales reps, and three "Lunch & Learn" meals wherein sales reps from varying specialties bring in food for the architects and staff to gorge upon as they give a spiel regarding certain aspects of architecture and how their product is the superior choice.

These classes also give the architects (and soon, our interiors consultant, who's about to be licensed herself) Continuing Education Units which are necessary for maintaining their licenses. They need 20 CEUs per year, and it's nice for them if they can take care of them during lunch and be fed into the bargain, so there's really no escaping the Lunch & Learns.


It's not that I'm weak. It's just that I know my limits, and my limits are severely stressed by having Panera, pizza, subs, Olive Garden, and other foods brought into the office on a semi-regular basis. And as I'm the official set-up and clean-up crew for these little adventures, those leftovers just sing my name.


I've got to figure out a better coping mechanism before I'm forced to use the "I'm not fitting into my clothes" one again. I just don't want to go there.


AtYourCervix said...

I hate it when we have food brought in at work - which happens a lot on L&D!! One doctor is notorious for bringing in 2 dozen dunkin donuts when he's on call. Another doc brings in a couple dozen HUGE bagels with yummy flavored cream cheeses.

Then we have the nurses - we are the worst of everyone. We have food parties for no reason at all (or we'll make up a reason: "because it's the 3rd Thursday" comes to mind).

Ugh. So tempting. So hard to resist.

Oh, and lately, the food service ladies have been bringing us all of the leftover food from the cart at lunch and dinner (sometimes breakfast too). So we have HUUUUGE industrial size trays of various foods. Every single freaking day.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

but...but...but...I didn't think there were any calories in office leftovers. Was I wrong??? :-)

Amanda said...

AYC, I hear you there. It's driving me nuts. And around the holidays? ARRRGH!

Fish, well, office leftovers have calories unless you first store them on top of the refrigerator. It is a well-documented fact that calories have a fear of heights, and when their containers are placed at a high altitude the terrified calories leap out to their doom.