Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chantix Day 6

Well, here we are, day 6. My husband and I have been taking two pills per day starting Tuesday, and continuing through yesterday and today.

Tuesday and yesterday I was pretty sure I was going to fall asleep at my desk. But today, I felt normal which I guess means I'm adjusting to it again.

I only itch when I think about it. Or when I think about scabies (thanks to AD... heh).

Typing that line made the inner part of my right eyelid itch. See?


Anyway, I'm noticing much less urge to smoke, which is definitely a plus.

I'm also waking up at about 4:00 a.m., and sleep fitfully until my blasted alarm clock goes off at 5:15 or whatever unholy hour I have it set for.

But beyond that? It's all good.

Except for the itching, which I'm now feeling on both sides of my neck, about three inches behind and down from my ears.

And on my left knee.

Curse you, easily suggestible mind!!!!


maggie's mind said...

Amanda, glad to hear nothing too bad in terms of side effects. No more itch talk - it's all making me itchy, too ;)

Amanda said...

Yeah, Maggie, it's going pretty well.

And I'm with you on the itch talk... yipes!

Scott said...

I offer a suggestion:

DON'T ITCH. Don't feel that urge. But when you do, scratch it and get on with your life. The more you think about not scratching, the more itches you will notice.

Good for you, Mrs. Nevergonnasmokeagain! Only 11 more weeks!

Amanda said...

Scott, I hear ya there. Problem being that I think "itch" and then I get all kinds of itchy places.

For example, right now? Between my left third and fourth toe, LOL.

What I'm basically doing right now is telling myself that it's all in my mind (which it appears to be, all things considered) and then I distract myself.

One way I do this is by moving the "itchy" post down and posting something like the above book/ author recommendation.

It's an itch cure and a public service announcement to all my fellow geeks ;)

Angel said...

As the Itch Champion of 2006-2007, I *feel* for you.

My thoughts--toxins being released from your body (which can cause itching); a normal side effect (have you checked with your GP?); not a good side effect; or stress (which makes me itch/welt up even worse).

We should own stock in Caladryl Clear LOL I used to go thru a bottle a month at least. Zyrtec cuts it down alot, moreso than benadryl for me. Claritin can help as well.

Ambulance Driver said...

But ya'll are making it tough, i swear. ;)

Amanda said...

Angel, LOL!

And AD, your restraint is greatly appreciated, bless your heart ;)