Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tech Geekery

From this post back in 2007:

There is no more "wanting". I was using a Pocket PC phone when the iPhone first came out, and I knew I needed to hold off so I behaved (even though I thought the iPhone was really, really pretty). Then there was a significant change in my financial circumstances which resulted in me downgrading to a basic flip phone which possessed the grudgingly redeeming features of flipping open in both portrait and landscape modes along with a full QWERTY keyboard while in landscape. I had no data plan, used no internet access, had the minimum number of monthly minutes I could get away with -- it was time for austerity measures, and it worked. And I've continued to use that phone for over four years, much to the distress of my cellular service provider.

But times change, and Choreboy and I decided that after nearly three years of marriage it was about time we combined our cellular plans. So now we're both the proud owners of smartphones: his is, lamentably, a Droid, and mine is the vastly superior iPhone*. Yes, I know they're about to release the new iPhone, but my iPad is first generation (the iPad 2 came out less than 3 months after I got mine) so I'm pretty used to being at less than the bleeding-edge of Apple technology anyway. Plus I hear they're changing the docking configuration this time around, and it will be easier for me to keep track of devices that all can share the same cord.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

But seriously... iPhone, yay! I'm definitely a happy camper.

*Yes, this is a joke. He loves his Droid and it is the right phone for him and his needs. Plus with his extended work hours, the amazing battery life of his phone is a must. He's a happy boy, and I'm confident we can manage to navigate the hurdles of a mixed-phone marriage :P

Monday, July 09, 2012

And We Have Yet More Progress!

I just got my bloodwork back from re-testing my Vitamin D and B12 levels. Vitamin D is up from 12.2 to 27.2, which is pretty impressive. Now granted, I'm still low. The threshold for "adequate" is 30.0 ng/mL and I'm not quite there yet, but it's a definite improvement! And my B12 is up from 300-something to 517 pg/mL. So again, we've seen a definite increase.

The plan now is to keep on supplementing and see what shows up at my next annual checkup in March. I just need to get more Vitamin D pills, because I'm about out. For the B12, I'm working more on upping my meat intake rather than supplementing, because the Niacin flush on me presents as horrific itching on both my palms and the soles of my feet. Hate!

Also, I went and cancelled my gym membership. I have to admit I was freaking out worrying about it because the press on trying to cancel a membership with LA Fitness is abysmal, but it was pretty simple for me. I don't know if that's indicative of a change in overall corporate culture or if it's due to the fact that mine was a buyout contract anyway, but I'll take it. I'll just have to watch my bank account at the end of this month and August to make sure the cancellation went through.

So LA Fitness, if you're Googling yourself, Mike at one of your recent buyout properties in Central Florida is awesome.

Anyway, all that means we're back to working out at home (no commute, yay!) and I'll be checking out the Y to see what they have to offer for the boys. Also, Choreboy measured his waist circumference recently and muttered about what his AARP newsletter said it should be versus his own measurements so at least a family Y membership would offer him the ability to go work out there if he wanted rather than having to add to an existing gym membership. Definitely a win.

Bellydancing starts back up Wednesday. Hilariously, one of the people at the hafla videoed us and posted it on YouTube, so here for your viewing pleasure is our VERY newbie bellydancing class in our first public-ish peformance:

I know, I'm still a bit broad across the beam. It's genetic. I got down to 108 back when I was 16 after a nasty bout of pneumonia. I was hollow-cheeked, flat-chested, and STILL I had these saddlebags! My torso is freaking amazing, though :P

Have a great week, all!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Results Not Typical

I am not a fan of change.  It's not just my age, although that's not helping.  It's simply hardwired into my system.  And I know that people as a whole kind of tend to resist change, but I would posit that my resistance is less like the resistance of a reed to the wind, and more like that of a concrete block wall.

This whole "sale of the gym/ loss of the trainer" thing has thrown me for a way bigger loop than the situation merits.  I totally get that.  But I also get that within my own little tiny brain, it's bigger than I can handle*.  So I'm definitely cancelling the membership at now - L.A. Fitness.  We likely will join the Y in a bit, although I'm thinking I'll move back to exercising at home for awhile.  I've got some new lower body moves I've found I can do thanks to my exposure to both of my trainers, and the immense amount of time my gym sessions would take away from my family was just a bit much for a long-term activity plan.

It makes me sad, but perhaps this is all for the best.  I need to focus on the people in my life, not on how many reps I'm doing.  Those two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but with my schedule and the way I tend to pursue things it was becoming that way for me.

I'll figure something out.  I always do.  I just need to get my act together food-wise (we will NOT discuss the Fourth of July and my Heluvagood Dip consumption) before my ever-widening ass gets to the beach.

*I know, it's freaking ridiculous.  And with some situations I would find a way to deal and adapt.  But with this particular situation, I'm bailing.  Because I can.  Because there are enough things out there that require my limited adaptation skills, and I'm not going to waste them on the freaking gym.