Friday, August 10, 2007

Stupid Site Stats

Not only can I not log in to Technorati (they have yet to respond to my request for my password), but now Sitemeter, which has remembered me as long as I've had the code on my site, has forgotten I exist. It's even forgotten my codename exists.

ARRRGGHHH! And I was 18 people away from 3,000 hits since I installed Sitemeter.

I am so far beyond annoyed right now. I wanna know what's up with Sitemeter. I want to know why I can't get my password from Technorati.

And I want to know why I am not permitted to register at TTLB. STILL.


Edited to add:

Okay, Sitemeter was apparently down (and still is to my knowledge), but is at least recognizing that I exist rather than trying to tell me I don't.

TTLB now lets me log on, but refuses to recognize my blog (even when I type in the URL correctly -- something about an error on line 85)

and Technorati still won't send me my damn password.


Dr. A said...

I thought I was the only one obsessed with my stats. Thanks for helping me feel normal :)

Amanda said...

ROFL! You're more than welcome, Doc A.

I'd say you should take the various nerd/ geek tests I've taken (and upon which I've scored scarily high), but since you've done the whole med school/ boards thing, I'll give you a pass.

You may thank me later ;)

Gabriel... said...

It took me two months after I hooked up with TTLB to finally get the damn thing working probably. And, for reasons I have yet to find, SiteMeter causes my IE7 to shut down one in ten times I'm there. I thought the Internet was supposed to make being compulsive and obsessive easier.

Babs RN said...

TTLB's been funky for forever. I have to search mine by name and even then I'm lucky if I get it. Once I did finally get it, I favorited the page so I could get back to it.

Dunno what's up with technorati. But then you don't have to log in to see your stats there.

Amanda said...

Gabriel, well, I appear to have a TTLB account, but I have yet to be able to even look up my blog so I can claim it.

It's driving me freaking nuts.

And LOL on the intenet making being compulsive and obsessive easier. I check my stupid site stats multiple times throughout the day, check my Technorati ranking (I'm in the 200K group now -- I'm such a sorry creature that this matters to me)... it's quite silly :)

And Babs, yeah I know you don't have to log in to Technorati, but it was bugging me that I couldn't, know what I mean? Hopefully I'll eventually be able to work out TTLB. We shall see.

Mauigirl said...

I confess I too am a Sitemeter junkie. And I even added another type of meter just in case!

I always enjoy seeing where readers come from, or what they were googling on!

That is especially helpful on my Medicana blog, as it helps me see what types of medical information people may be interested in finding, to inspire a future post.

Amanda said...

Maui, it is interesting stuff for sure!