Sunday, August 12, 2007


I've mentioned before how I feel about peas.

To make a very long story very short, peas = bad.

So since my husband knows this, and since my one concession to peas in our home is that I gulp them down whole when he fixes them with dinner, I expect him not to put peas in the freaking fried rice.

So of course, tonight, for dinner?


In my freaking fried rice. Which cannot be swallowed whole, thankyouverymuch.

I picked them all out and gave them to my younger son.

"Here sweetie, I saved some peas for you."

"Oh sank you Mommy!"



In Chantix news, yesterday was "high" day with the new higher dosage. Today has been "low" day with it. I took my second pill of the day about an hour ago, and am just now back to moving with anything resembling speed. I've spent much of the day on the couch, and even took a nap.

I also did laundry and hosed off two small boys, so I haven't been a total slug.

But dang, I hope I adapt to this newer dosage quickly. I work full time and have two-to-three children (depending on how old my husband is acting at the time -- love you, sweetie!). I don't need to be drugged into exhaustion. I can get that way quite adequately without chemical assistance.


Scott said...

Poor peas! They just want to be loved and eaten! So happy that the Chantix is working for you!

Oh, by the way, I noticed that somehow your nerd score dropped from like a 92 to a 24! That must have something to do with losing all your passwords that I saw about 5 posts ago (which I totally missed because I was at the Trek convention).

Also, what were they trying to prove or disprove when they needed to paint a house in explosives?

Amanda said...

Weird on the nerd score! When I hover over it still says 92, and the javascript says it's still a 92, so all I can figure is that they changed where the image was located or something.

Ticks me off. I'll have to see what I can do to fix it.

As for the painting the house with explosives episode on Mythbusters, they were going off an old Mr. Bean episode where paint exploded and painted his whole apartment (except for his silhouette). I think it was the "debunking TV myths" episode.

Anyway, from the quote, obviously it didn't work ;)

Babs RN said...

I love peas. :)

AtYourCervix said...

So, um, what's wrong with peas?

:::giggles and runs away::::

Mauigirl said...

Peas I can take or leave, but lima beans are forbidden in my house. I detest them. It's the texture. I like to say it reminds me of eating eyeballs. Of course I haven't actually eaten eyeballs, but I imagine they might have that texture, although perhaps a little more gelatinous than lima beans. Eeew. I think I grossed even myself out. Anyway, I hear you on the peas. And I'm not a fussy eater, I'll eat almost anything except lima beans and brains. And I'd totally at least try brains but I'm afraid of mad cow disease.

catherine said...

i don't like peas either but can tolerate them in crunchy fried rice.

how'd you get your kids to like the peas?

hope the new dose settles down!

Amanda said...

Babs, LOL! I shouldn't be surprised. It seems my most-hated are the ones you love (like olives, another bane of my existence).

AYC, peas are a texture violation for me. Well, that and they smell terrible.

That said? LOVE broccoli, which some folks think smells and is slimy. Go figure.

Maui, I'm there with you on the lima beans as well. In fact, I can't stand just about any legume. I like pea soup if there aren't actual pea chunks in it, I like hummus... I even like black beans if, again, they're utterly pulverized. But anything resembling a whole legume just squicks me out and triggers my gag reflex.

Catherine, I think my kids' love for peas is genetic. I'm the only one in the family who can't stand them. I didn't start out feeding my older son peas, but my moher would give him the ground up baby food peas when he was little and he LOVED them. So I sucked it up, fed him peas, and just didn't breathe much when he was eating. My younger son loved them the first moment I scooped a spoonful of that vile vegetable into his gaping maw.

Unnatural children.


Jeep2000 said...

A friend of mine hates peas. She says they remind her of zits.
Somehow I still manage to eat them after hearing that.