Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Teeth-Grindingly Furious

Okay, y'all know I usually don't do the politics thing here as it totally skeeves me out. However, I just read this article and I am LIVID.

How Dumb Are We? (subtitled: How Long Will Women Shoulder the Blame for the Pay Gap)

Read it, and then you can holler at your computer monitor just like me.

Dangit, I knew this whole "politically active beyond voting" thing was coming...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Intraoffice Communications

This just in:

Anonymous Architect: Can you or P. trace this package – see if we have a receipt. Should have been sent about 3/24/08. Thanks.

Me: Here you go.

AA: Thanks.

Me: You forgot to say “you rock”.

AA: How about: YOUr head is as hard as a ROCK.

Me: Been looking in the mirror again, eh? Or did you just knock yours on something?

I must not care too much about maintaining my employment today... heh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huh? What?

*waving to Kimala* Hey there, girl! Great to see you in this part of teh intarweebs :)

You know, I really should change that age thingie over on my sidebar. I'm now 38, not 37. Thirty-seven is arguably still mid-thirties, but thirty-eight is undeniably late-thirties.

I don't tend to have a problem with the big "O" birthdays. It's those other, littler, weirder milestones I take issue with, like moving from mid- to late-decade agewise. Maybe it's because the earlies, mids, and lates are longer in duration than a mere 30 or 40? I'll have to think on this.

In other aging news, due to my unfortunate failure to schedule my next root touch-up the last time I had my hair done, I've become unwillingly reacquainted with my real hair color. We are NOT friends. It would seem my hair in its natural state is a not-so-charming iron grey at this point, with a nearly white streak over my right ear and just behind my left. Think Marilla in Anne of Green Gables. Feh. Must remember to call and make a new appointment STAT. It would be one thing if it went with my face, but at this point in my life all it does is make me look tired.

I can do tired without my hair's help, thanks.

The guys at my office owe two of my friends a great debt of gratitude. It seems some wonderful, wacky people I know sent me some flowers today, which resulted in the removal of the Santa figurine from my desk. For some strange reason the boys think April is a bit odd time of year for Santa.

I've told them that once I get a dish garden of suitable height to attempt not to kill, I'll take Santa down. And once they get the freaking signage on the wall (it's only been FIVE YEARS in the planning for that), I'll take down the Christmas wreath that's hanging on the lone nail in the wall directly facing our entrance. I'm sorry, but that nail looks stupid just sticking out of the wall.

They have further been warned that if they take down the wreath and hide it from me, I'll be bringing in my diploma and hanging it in the wreath's stead. The diploma is from FSU. The majority of the architects graduated from UF. I think my wreath is safe.