Thursday, August 16, 2007


I hate freaking hormones.

I hate them in artificial form.

I hate them in their natural form.

Or, in the immortal phraseology of Dr. Seuss:

I do not like them here or there.

I do not like them ANYWHERE.

. . .

Especially when they manifest themselves as a zit.

I'm thirty-freaking-seven, y'all. I do not need zits. I especially do not need this particular one, which erupts like bloody clockwork every 23 days or so, on my left cheek, middle, right below my cheekbone.


(Okay, that's all... we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.)


Babs RN said...

I do not like a zit nor crinkle.
I should not have to fight spots AND wrinkles.
On the forehead, nose, or chin,
Great big whiteheads cause chagrin.
Try as you might all sorts of tonics,
My favorite line: Put some Windex on it!

Babs RN said...

...actually, Proactiv is good stuff. Probably part of the whole quitting scene too.

Amanda said...

Babs, LOVE that movie!

And I have Windex at work.

At this point, it might work as well as Proactiv.

This particular foul pustule is totally hormonal (although it could be more vile due to the quitting thing). It crops up every freaking month.

Tuesday and most of Wednesday? My face was like freaking porcelain. Gorgeous. Beautiful skin. A few lines, but hey, I laugh alot. It's all good.

Yesterday evening, The Evil started manifesting itself.

And today, it came into full bloom.

Rotten bastard.

tz said...

i try to imagine that having a monthly breakout makes me look younger? but's wrinkles and pimples...give me a BREAK!

so sympathizing right now! response to your comment on my's another coincidence...your elder's son's name is my elder's son's middle name..

Amanda said...

Tz, zits are awful, no other way to slice it.

I took after my mother when I was yonger, i.e., only the occasional monthly breakout.

As I age, though, I get more like my father. Zits keep cropping up and I just want to SLAP SOMEONE!

Rotten. Just rotten.

On the other matter, you've got to love how coincidences keep cropping up with us! I think it's too cool :)

Ambulance Driver said...

Get some fake braces and a really bad 80s hairdo, and tell everyone at work it's High School Day. Didn't they get the memo?

Amanda said...

Aw dude, no, they SO did not get the memo!

To the point where there I was this morning, Zit-Glorious. And in comes a former high school classmate, in all his glory.

Former college president, also. I voted for him (yep, we both went to the same university).

So there he is, having not seen me since I was expecting #2. He's looking much less stressed, having forsaken law for real estate investment. And there I am, same place as I was five years ago (to him), working my multi-hatted job, currently appearing as Receptionist, at Your Local Architect's Office.

I knew his wife back in high school. PERFECT skin. Gorgeous girl. And she's now a housewife.

Me? Back in high school? PERFECT skin. Gorgeous girl. And I'm working for Daddy. With a damn zit the size of Alaska.

High School Day sucks ;)

Scott said...

But, isn't it a joy when you pop the bad boy and there is so much pressure that you can hear the skin splitting, AND you get to see the little jet of pus that splatted on the mirror?

I'm lovin' it!

Philip. said...

My sympathy is with you on this matter.

Why has science not come up with a remedy to stop recuring zits??

patientanonymous said...

Oh joy!

My skin was perfect in high school. I went through this really bizarre stage in my 20s where it was like my skin went through puberty--crazy acne.

Now? Well, not really a problem although I've noticed with Lamictal that might mess with my hormones a bit I might have a bit of a problem now--nothing too major, however?

But yes...ridiculous.