Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Year Blogoversary

I'm never quite sure how to spell the one-year celebration of one's blog. Blogoversary? Blogiversary? I like the former, but I've seen folks say the latter is the more correct option.

Oh well, my blog, my spelling. I don't think Webster's has added the word yet so I'm free to mis/spell it as I please. Not that that stops me anyway... I can typo and not catch it for MONTHS. I've gone back to ancient posts and corrected stuff in them that I've just found.

Self-editing is a bitch.

Yeah, I know, English major, former teacher, etc., I should do better. And I try (although I don't always run spellcheck, sometimes to my detriment), but here I'm just relaxing, not worrying about a term paper or official correspondence. Also, you'll notice I don't go around correcting other folks' grammar, mechanics, and spelling. That's because I know I'm perfectly capable of slaughtering the English language myself. Additionally, I often deliberately use sentence fragments and questionable punctuation for general literary effect; so again, just not hopping on the Grammar Police train.

I write this blog the way I talk. Yes, at 37 I still say "Dude" in certain circles with certain friends. "Bite me," is also a part of my lexicon.

Of course, then I use words like "lexicon." Eyeroll.


So anyway, Happy Blogoversary to me!

A year ago at this time I was finally getting out of the legal field, and I started this blog in part to just put my thoughts in order. Apparently I did that fairly swiftly, and my poor blog languished for a few months, but then I started posting again, more and more frequently.

I can't say I've changed a great deal over the past year except for the fact that I no longer lose sleep over clients. I lose it over personal stuff, but at least it's MY stuff, yanno?

And it wasn't like any lost sleep due to clients counted as billable hours or anything. That might have reconciled me to it somewhat.

I can see the invoice now:

2.1 hours, Nasty Family Law Case, Para (not that I was a certified paralegal, but that's how I was billed), Couldn't Sleep Due to Upcoming Hearing, and Worry that her Boss Might Lose his Freaking Mind Between Now and Then, or Failing That, That the Client Will do [insert stupid action here] before the Judge can Issue a Ruling.

Yeah, that would have had the billing department (all one of her) on my ass in a heartbeat. The solo practitioner I worked with immediately prior to leaving the legal field would have laughed her ass off at it, but again, unlikely that it would make the official bill.

Life is much more peaceful now.

I've also learned in the last year that Stinky Birkenstocks are a topic of many Google searches. Yes, that post would be my most popular Google search, the whole medical blogger thingie notwithstanding.

In the last year I've lost 40 pounds.

In the last year Angel and I re-made contact.

In the last year I lost my beloved dog to old age.

In the last year, I opened my home to three cats.

And in the last year I've run into many interesting blogs, and met some great folks. I'm glad y'all are around.

It's been an interesting year. Here's to Year 2 :)


Awesome Mom said...

Congratulations on your first year of blogging!

Angel said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! ::Popping cork on champagne::

I am SO very glad you started blogging, obviously ;)

And YOU SO ROCK for losing 40 lbs!!!

(2 more days WOO!)

Medblog Addict said...

Happy one year blogiversary. Now that I know you were an English major and a teacher, I am going to start asking you my grammar questions before I post. I keep waiting for someone to correct me but they haven't so far.

40 pounds! Yay!

Can't wait to see what your second year will bring.

tz said...

yay on 1 year and yay on 40 lbs!
AND I soooo do the grammar thing badly! love dashes and run ons my fave! fragments too.

really kizmit, almost went into teaching but went to nursing school instead.

Mauigirl said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary (that's how I would spell it too; the blogi spelling would make me think it was a soft "g"). Oh, by the way, I was a journalism major/English minor! LOL! (And I still make typos too that I catch after I've posted!).

And congratulations on your losing 40 lbs. too!

I'm sure you still miss Little Guy. Are you thinking of getting another dog at some point?

I'm coming up on my one-year blogoversary in September. Hard to believe!

Amanda said...

Thank you everyone!

Awesome Mom, you were first... bless you!

And Angel, yes, two more days (one now -- we're both going to the Harry Potter 7 release).

MBA, hehe! Yeah, if asked a direct question about grammar I can likely nail it. But don't ask me to proof my own posts. My own blog shows my total lack of ability at that.

TZ, nursing's gotta be better. At least you don't have them for a year. Urrrgh. Then again, well, they're sick, and cranky so it's likely 6 of one, half-dozen of the other. Plus the whole health-issue.

THIS would be why I like office administration stuff. Way less stress even when the server bites the dust and the primary IT guy is on vacation (like last week, which I didn't blog about because, man, I'm STILL reeling!)

Maui, congrats early on September! And yes, we do plan to get another dog. We're waiting until our younger son is six or so, since we're looking at rather small breeds and he'll be better able to handle the whole "delicate" thing then. Also, by then he and our elder son will both be in the same school so I can drop the puppy at "Doggy Daycare" (i.e., my mother's house) without adding too much onto my morning commute.

Rural Felicity said...

Happy Blogoversary to you!!! I actually think it's been almost (or is?) a year for me, also, which does not seem possible.

Congrats on the 40 pound loss. That is awesome.

Have fun doing the Harry Potter thing!! :)

patientanonymous said...

Wicked, wicked, wicked! I still have a ways to go for my one year but I'm so glad I found you...or you found me...or something?

No matter! Happy one year!

Amanda said...

Felicity, thank you for both the blogging congrats and the weight loss mention :) I'm working on dumping the next round of weight. I *think* the scale was just a shade below 160 today, which would be the first time I've weighed under that in over three years.

Being good sucks. But my joints hate me if I don't weigh less, so I shall obey them.

And PA, thanks! I'm not as prolific as you, but I'm working on it. Of course, I did hit a slump this weekend due to the whole "had to read nearly 800 page book stright through" mania ;)