Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NOT Vacation Pictures

Our office has a slight termite problem. I say "slight" in that they're not the really bad subterranean termites and usually the little nasties confine themselves to the northern bay of our building.

I am in the center bay, with a one-bay buffer between me and Termite Central.

This morning, I found termite wings on my desk. Ick. I left the Big Boss a note:

with an attached post-script:

Note: The scanning flattened it a little. I probably need to clean off the flatbed.

One of the partners said, "They're not supposed to be swarming over there," when I told him the little nasties had expanded their territory.

Because, you know, termites respect boundaries.

BAD termite! To the corner with you!

Fortunately, the termite corpse was still on my desk when he said that. In fact, he's the one who found it.

Maybe NOW we'll get the place tented. Termite wings falling like snow in the bookkeeping area? Not sufficient. Termite wings blanketing the work table in the print room? Not sufficient. Handing the big boss a telephone note with a squished termite on it? Not sufficient.

Termites obviously increasing their power base?

This means WAR. Or at least a bug bomb or four.

I hope.

Update: We're bombing this weekend. 12 bombs, placed above the suspended ceiling tiles. Woohoo!


Working Girl said...

excellent notes!

Amanda said...


That's one of the only times I've actually blogged from work... but seriously, termite wings? On my DESK?

Ugh. I keep my coffee and Diet Coke there. I don't want those things floating down into my beloved beverages. Ickers.

Mauigirl said...

Eeeew. Termites...we had them in our HOUSE when I was young. Had to have the fumigator guy in. Hated those wings...

Amanda said...

Maui, well, we bombed the little creeps. No sign of wiggling bodies anywhere. Thank goodness.