Friday, July 06, 2007

Cat Update

It's been a bit since I blogged about the felines, so here is the Cat News, in its entirety:

Patrick (the youngest, but second acquired) was "fixed" last Thursday. Our vet usually doesn't neuter male cats until they're six months old, but as he was driving our Emily insane with all the chasing and mounting, the vet went ahead and did it a bit earlier than usual for his practice.

His claws were also trimmed. He appears to have recovered completely from both indignities.

Emily (the middle-child, last acquired) now has a collar. She's our only collared cat, as she's also our only cat who tries to leave the house (we're strict about inside only with the cat kids). It's pink (good) but has a bell (bad). I'm thinking more bling and less bell will perk her up a bit, so I'm looking at getting her one like I've seen at PetCo, where you can put your pet's name on the collar with bling-y individual slide-on letters.

Her former foster mommy agrees that a pink bling-y collar will suit Miss Emmy quite well.

Daniel (the eldest, first acquired) was at the vet yesterday for a nasty case of conjunctivitis which he caught from Patrick. Patrick's was basically eye crud and squintiness. Daniel's was scary leaky stuff and ooziness. So the husband and I managed to trick him into the crate, and I took him in. Not only did he have conjunctivitis in his left eye, but also had a nasty ear infection in his left ear. Poor baby. He was also very VERY scared. He's Hell Boy when it comes to getting him into the crate and medicating him, but that's pretty much because he's just neurotic, not antagonistic. He was shivering as badly as Little Guy used to when he would go to the vet.

At any rate, Daniel got a shot (because he's so far beyond non-cooperative with being medicated), and also got his claws trimmed (to aid in the whole "medicating Daniel" process). He's looking better, bless his gorgeous heart.

Because I was suffering huge cat-mommy guilt, I bought treats for all the cats. I also got them a battery-powered cat toy which waves a toy mouse with a feathery tail in a random circle.

They are totally in love. If I can get a decent pic, I'll post it.

Edited to add: I just wanted to clarify that all cats, not just Patrick, are now neutered. Patrick was the last one to be fixed, due to his youth. Daniel was neutered in the first week after he came to live with us, and Emily was already spayed when she joined our family. All cats also were treated for conjunctivitis as soon as Patrick was diagnosed, which was when he went in for his neuter. Patrick was as compliant as he was able to be, which means he's small enough to be kept still. Same goes for Emily. Daniel managed to avoid treatment, obviously to his detriment.

Little Guy, the Cremated Canine, is still resting peacefully in his urn/box on the piano. I dusted him yesterday.

The cats have left him alone. Blessed beasties.


Awesome Mom said...

Kudos to you for being such a responsible pet owner and having your animals spayed and neutered. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I swear one day when I get a bit of time I am going to start trapping neighborhood cats and taking them to the vet myself to be spayed/neutered. I am tired of listening to them yowl and having kitty whopee on my door step.

Amanda said...

Yeah, it's one of my pet peeves as well. I swear, if you want your kids to see The Miracle of Birth? Get 'em a guppy.

Mauigirl said...

Glad you got all that cat medical stuff taken care of! Our boy is due to go to his annual checkup on the 21st. I know they'll chastise us for his weight! I'm trying to cut back on his food until then, hoping to get him down to what he was last time he was there.

Amanda said...

Maui, best of look to you on your kitty's weight! I was glad Daniel only weighs 12 lbs. He's a very large, solid cat and I was a bit concerned he'd be overweight, but fortunately it appears to be all muscle. The rest of his poofiness is likely due to his fur, which is a medium length rather than short.

I'll think good thoughts for your kitty's diet ;)