Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revised Miranda Warning

From Kim Harrison's For a Few Demons More:
You have the right to remain silent, but I doubt you will. You have the right to an attorney, which I imagine [your assistant] will be calling soon. If you can't afford one, hell has frozen over and I'm the princess of Oz, but in that case, one will be appointed to you. You understand your rights that the entire congregation of Cincy's finest has heard me recite?

God, if only our fine brothers and sisters in blue (or grey, or green, or brown) could use that on the job!


Angel said...

:::evil glare as I add another book to my Amazon wishlist::::

Ok, I'm a doof tonight--you're a Buffy fan, right? Have you read any of the original novels (ones not based on the show)?

tz said...

I would love to beable to see that happen.

Amanda said...

Heh heh heh... Angel, I think GoalieMan is going to have to invest in some new bookshelves ;)

As for being a Buffy fan, well, I like her in the abstract. I never even watched the show (although I did see the movie -- different actress, of course). It wasn't a deliberate choice so much as I think it was competing with another show I was watching at the time.

But obviously, I like the general genere of Buffy, considering my library, LOL. But no, I haven't read any of the original novels. I take it I should check them out?

And TZ, LOL -- it would be a hoot!