Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Posts? I got nothing.

Sorry for the lack of posting, my brave four readers (if there are that many). I'm busy trying to get back into the swing of things at work as well as attempting to finish off The Spec That Would Not Die, which lingers on even two days past my return from vacation.

That endless little bastard even came home with me tonight. I'll be bonding with it after the offspring are in bed, trying to finally bring the blasted thing into a relatively comprehensible whole.

Update: Arrrgh! I didn't bring home the Mechanical and Electrical Divisions! Only 67 more edits to go. In the freaking MORNING... ::faints::

This is what happens when I am not present to nag my bosses into submission.

Oh well, the good point as prior to vacation is that I can axe off some of the vacation hours I needed to take with the work I'll be doing at home tonight. I wouldn't mind being able to chaperone a field trip or volunteer for a school party for one of my kids, and having some extra vacation time might help that happen.

But back to the reason I am somewhat short of words. I'm also a bit crabby at the moment. Call it PMS, call it just bitchiness, but I'm cranky as hell. I just read a post this morning about another blogger's reasons for losing weight, and sure enough, there in the comments was another person giving a carefully worded but rather negative analysis of this individual's very personal reasons for her own weight loss.

Remember that whole "I am not you and you are not me" thing with the smoking earlier? Yeah, that tags on here too.

If I want to lose weight so my husband will drool, so what? Does it mean he hasn't drooled over me at my heaviest? Nope, it doesn't. But I know what he likes, and I know that as much as he loves me, he does appreciate it when I more closely resemble the woman he married. I'm doing it FOR me, but it benefits him.

Yeah, it's ego. And I'm good with that. My weight loss is all about me, my feelings, and my health. MINE. If anyone wants to cheer me on, good on them. But if anyone wants to tear down my reasons for losing the weight that I've permitted to attach itself to my ass, they'd better step back.

Hmm. Guess I had something to say after all.

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