Thursday, July 19, 2007


Angel and I will be meeting up tomorrow night at our local Books-A-Million's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release party.

Yes, we're 37 and we're totally into this. Angel mentioned something about finding her wizard hat. Me? Eh, my crazy hat is Christmas-oriented, but if pushed I'm sure I can find something suitably embarassing as my eight-year-old is accompanying me.

I'm over halfway through my re-read of Half Blood Prince now. I may or may not finish it before tomorrow night's release. Not sure if I'll go back and finish it first or just hang it all and dive into Book 7.

Probably the latter. Heh.

Anyway, a report will be issued following the event. There will be a camera present (mine) and I intend on photographing the madness.

And if Angel agrees, I might even get a pic of the two of us goofs at the shindig. Shoot, if suitably inspired I might even blog the insanity via laptop.

We'll see.



Angel said...

"If Angel agrees...."

::::Snort:::: Well DUH! I'm bringing my camera too. I figured a photo of us would be a great opportunity for me to blog my version of our cyber-turned-real friendship ;)

And I can even *make a video* of us.

Um. That sounded really bad, didn't it? Sure doesn't help clear our reputation on the internet. You know, with you being a Dom and all. ::Snicker:: Yes I had to Google that ROFLMAO

Angel said...

Ok, I have to comment again.....the title of the post(s) can be "Amanda & Angel Do Harry Potter" :::snicker:::

Yes I need sleep. Why do you ask?

Amanda said...

Oh dear... LOL! Yes, yes you need sleep. Hee.

Yeah, a google search of my name brings up some Dom in Las Vegas. I've never even *been* to Las Vegas. Makes me wonder if some folks did a google search back when I was jobhunting and wondered if I was a bit too busy to work at their firm...


Mauigirl said...

LOL! It is scary sometimes to Google one's name.

I am expecting my Harry Potter book to be delivered by one of Amazon's owls right on time when it is released. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures of the chaos!

Amanda said...

Maui, now I just have to do the three step loading of the pics, LOL. First, get them onto the laptop, then burn them to a CD, THEN I can load them into this computer and post some.

Time consuming. Ick.