Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Open Letter to my Publix Bag Boy


Please do not put the heavy cardboard boxes of frozen Lean Cuisines on top of my freaking produce.

That is all. Thank you.



Femail doc said...

Denver Bag Boy: Sneezes juicily into his hand.

Denver Bag Boy: Grabs my produce with same hand and stuffs in bag.

Yuck, bag boys.


Amanda said...

Judy, I hear ya.

And then there was the bag boy at another local Publix who commented, LOUDLY, at how strong some deli meat I was purchasing smelled. Dude, it was parmesean-crusted ham. It smelled of cheese and garlic because, get this, IT WAS FREAKING SUPPOSED TO. Know your store's product, or at least, have the sense not to SHOUT about someone's purchase.


That said, most of the baggers rock. They're funny, convivial folks who actually seem to enjoy what they're doing. Even if they're faking it (which I'm sure some are in the heat we're having now), I totally appreciate the effort.

Just don't squish my precious champagne grapes. Yipes.