Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kitchen Update

I hosed down the kitchen, then gave Whatshisname a few snarky comments regarding how when we (meaning he) mess(es) up the kitchen by four to six pots and assorted non-paper plates, we (meaning he) really need to clean up after ourselves and not leave the pots and dishes festering for an unprintable amount of time.

Otherwise, we (meaning I) get pissy about the condition of said cookware/dishware, and post ugly things about us (him) on our (my) blog.

And yes, I feel better now. :P


DamnLemming said...

Husband and I had that very discussion this morning. I was slamming dishes around as I yelled. He's still not talking to me. He did, however, clean up his mess after cooking dinner.

I think that means I won. ;-)

Amanda said...

Heh... I believe you are correct!

I swear, there's such a delicate balance between live-and-let-live and "Holy Jesus God, would you just freaking [insert nebulous activity here] for freaking ONCE in our marriage! If I have to [insert cleaning-up-after activity here] after you one more time I'm going to SCREAM!

It's been a heckuva weekend and couple days. Gack. But the balance is a bit better. And the kitchen doesn't make me want to move to Tahiti when I look at it, so that's a plus.

Mauigirl said...

I can't say anything. My husband cleans up the kitchen more than I do. Then sometimes he refuses and we start trying to out-wait each other. The dishes have been in the sink for going on 3 days now and I think I'm going to give in.

Amanda said...

Hehehe... Maui, the husband and I have also done the waiting game. Oh gosh, it can get so awful though! Usually I'm the first to cave (hence my rather silly venting post), but sometimes he does them and I make sure to praise him to the heavens in hopes that'll inspire him to further greatness ;)