Sunday, July 29, 2007


My husband and I are watching Legally Blonde this afternoon, which led to the following conversation:

Me: Did you notice your wife is slowly going blonde?

Himself: Yeah, I did. And what's that all about anyway?

Me: Uhm... I'm having fun?

Himself: You do realize you lose 25 IQ points when you do that.

Me: Stealth intelligence, sweetheart. They'll never see me coming.


Awesome Mom said...

Shoot you loose IQ points when you have kids, so you might as well have fun too. lol

Amanda said...

LOL, Awesome Mom... true enough! What didn't come out with the afterbirth was sucked from me with the breastfeeding. Oy gevalt.

It's no wonder my hair has no pigment anymore. Sheesh. Heh :)

Scott said...

That's funny: stealth intelligence.

What is your natural hair color?

I want to bleach my hair yellow again. But it is so dark that some of the products only turn it red.

Amanda said...

Hey, Scott!

Natural hair color was dark brown with reddish-to-gold highlights. To clarify, that was before I started going grey. Now, dye-free, it's dark brown with scary-assed mousy highlights, such as they are.

Dyed, it's got a dark brown base with gold highlights, going more heavily on the highlights.

Go pro with the hair lightening. If you have naturally dark hair, it's the only sure way to get it yellow rather than red.

Mauigirl said...

I dyed my hair for about 10 years and was never able to get my hair the right color. I was trying to just duplicate my original color (medium/darkish brown) in order to cover the impinging gray, but it always faded to reddish or even lighter. I was vaguely blondish in the summer. Once I let it grow out to the real color I realized my hair was darker than I remembered and probably I could have used a darker dye! I'm glad I don't bother to dye it anymore though, it makes life easier!

Amanda said...

Maui, someday I will go with my natural haircolor I'm sure. However, I met it during a brief fit of poor judgment a couple of years ago, and that was enough for the next decade.

At least. ;)