Sunday, July 01, 2007


I'm reading a new book, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, and this passage tickled me. It's a bit long for a subtitle, but I really needed to share it somewhere and my husband just doesn't have my taste in "literature", so my blog is going to have to be the venue:

...[Mare] didn't mind kicking a guy around, but she drew the line at screwing up her Corpse Bride dress.

"For the last time," she said, shoving her veil back into place so she could see him better. "You're an evil minion. You do not get the girl, you do not get laid, you do not get anything but humiliated." She shook her head at him, splayed on the concrete floor, covered in orange goo and white pellets. "Why anybody ever applies for the evil minion job is beyond me. Didn't you see this coming?"

"I'm a vice president," he said from the floor, outraged.

"You're a minion," she snapped. "You might as well have a target painted on your forehead."

Hee! I'm still giggling. Reminds me a bit of the Evil Overlord list.

My nerd factor is high. What can I say?

Edited to add:

I guess the Evil Overlord allusion was deliberate:

"I can't talk now. Xan has grabbed Danny and Elric for some kind of Evil Overlord plan and we have to turn her into a geranium."



Angel said...

LOL I put this on my (huge) Amazon wishlist. Sounds right up my alley. (Gads I just had to ask GM how to spell "alley". Can we say "new med?")

I don't change my Blog quote often--once I heard that Dr. House quote, I knew that it was written for me ;)

Amanda said...

"New med!"

Okay, anyway... ;)

Yeah, I usually don't change my quote that often myself (although as I noted, that may change). However, my blog title is so blasted pitiful that I had to do something to liven the damned thing up.

Adam and Jamie may stay in their place of honor awhile, though. It kind of relates to the aforementioned pitiful title, and it gives me a fit of the giggles whenever I see it.