Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grocery List

This conversation took place after several hours worth of disjointed "We really should get [insert item here]" notices by each of us, re: the grocery store.

Himself: We need eggs, too.

Me: Okay, when we stop by the grocery store on the way home from lunch tomorrow, you and I can both try to remember everything we need.

Himself: Somebody should write it all down.

Me: Yes, somebody should.

Himself: :looking pointedly in my direction:

Me: :looking pointedly at Himself: So, you're going to write it down, right?

Himself: Me?

Me: Yes, you.

Himself: Huh. I'm supposed to write it all down. Alrightie then.

(Somehow I suspect no one will write anything down, and we'll end up at the grocery store rattling our brains in the hopes that a relevant memory will somehow make its way down the chute...)


Babs RN said...


You could start a list and post it in a conspicuous place (maybe the fridge?) and when he remembers something, tell him "The list is right there, Sweetie. Go ahead and add it so we won't forget. Thanks, hun, you're a doll."


Amanda said...

Hee... actually, we do have one of those, we just don't use it.

Somehow our passive-aggressive "It's your job. No, it's YOUR job," thing works for us.

Except when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms, that is. Those are all mine.

Drat it all.

Mark said...

Makes me very glad I have a memo function on my cell phone. It's the one thing I am NEVER witout, and it makes it a lot easier to get the groceries when I go to the store.

Amanda said...

Mark, I hear ya there. My phone has a "notes" program where I can use my stylus to write my grocery list out on it.

Unfortunately, I left it at work this weekend. Plus, I kinda lost my stylus somewhere in my rolling dumpster... er, car.