Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blog Stuff

I've changed my subtitle again. Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters (from whence cometh the quote) kick all kinds of ass. This might be something I do on a regular basis. The subtitle thing, that is, not the ass-kicking. Not sure yet -- recently a couple of quotes have tickled my fancy, so I've used them. I can't guarantee when the next quote will rock my world. I'm keeping a running list of the subtitles and the acknowledgements for same at the bottom of my sidebar, though, just for grins.

Also I've added Library Thing's Random Books from My Library to my sidebar. I haven't put every book in there yet (there are WAY too many for me to be even close to complete), but I figure I'll work on it when I get the urge. I keep reloading the page trying to get John Scalzi's books to show up, but no dice yet.

It's heavy on paranormal fiction/romance and fantasy/sci-fi, as well as just garden-variety romance (mostly La Nora at this point). Some kids/young adult stuff is also in there like L. M. Montgomery, Edward Eager, and J. K. Rowling.

Yes, I've read and do own every book I've listed, as well as hundreds more. We'll see how long it takes to get a more complete catalogue.

Speaking of reading, I think I'll do a bit of that now. G'nite, blogoverse.


Awesome Mom said...

Rofl!!! That is a great quote. We gave up cable and with that went our tv reception but one of the shows I miss the most is Mythbusters.

Rural Felicity said...

I noticed the quote right away and laughed. :) Funny stuff.

Angel said...

LOL at the subtitle. GoalieMan approves (he watched that episode tonight). Heck, everyone in our house likes that show ;)

Neato random book list. I desperately need to catalogue all my books, but then more find their way into the's a neverending swim upstream.

Amanda said...

Hee... glad y'all like it! I heard it at the end of the show tonight and, blogaholic that I am, I couldn't get to my computer quickly enough.

I'm such a dork :)