Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Google Search 1

"accidentally breathe in lysol while breastfeeding"

Now did this happen during actual breastfeeding, or is this more an "I breathed in Lysol and I'm a lactating mother" type issue?

This is the type of search result you get when you mention breastfeeding and Lysoling Birkenstocks on the same blog.

Anyway, I can't see it really causing a problem if it's just a glancing in-breath (rather than marinating it the stuff). Yes, you should avoid breathing in things that aren't meant to be breathed in while you're nursing a child, but really, you should avoid it at all times anyway.

::tucking the Marlboro Lights out of sight::

Then again, I'm no sort of medical professional other than being a professional patient. Literature courses didn't cover this sort of thing.

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