Friday, June 08, 2007

Grown Up

I spent yesterday with my two sons, Vomit Comet #1 and Vomit Comet #2.

Vomit Comet #2 (the four-year-old) got sick in the middle of Wednesday night, and so was pretty perky by late morning. Vomit Comet #1 had an "ooky" stomach when he woke up and proceeded to kill a throw blanket on my couch.

It was old, tattered, and marked Dry Clean Only. We're letting the county landfill handle it.

I felt like crap the whole day, which I attributed to having been up half the night with VC#2. That is, until I passed the Sponge Bob thermometer on my dresser. On impulse I picked it up and put it in my mouth.

101.5. Nice. I popped a couple of aspirin and went to bed.

I woke up this morning, got dressed, got the kids ready, took them to school and daycare. I went to work, with an "Infectious Disease" sign on my forehead. Had to. We're leaving for Georgia early EARLY Monday morning (like 6:00 a.m. early), and I still have another specification to get out which I'll be bonding with this weekend. Plus next week is mid-month, which means bill paying and payroll, so I had to get as much of that ready as I could as well.

And on the way to work, my evil automobile which I'm planning to drive to Georgia decided to accelerate itself. In PARK, even. It got to over 2000 RPMs, was leaping off the starting line at every light without me even touching the accelerator, and continued to engage in similarly interesting behavior all the way to the garage where I took it.

Of course, the mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Of course, it started doing it again when I picked it up after work.

Damn, I hate that car. If it leaves me stranded on the side of the road with two little boys, I'm going to pitch a gold-plated hissy fit. Mentally, that is, because I can't scare the kids.

Then I'll be a full-on grown up again, and call Triple-A.

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