Sunday, June 10, 2007


Update No. 1

I bought my first new "style" of jeans today in about 20 years. Yes, I was caught in the eighties. If you've ever watched TLC's What Not to Wear and have heard Stacey ranting on and on about "ice cream cone" jeans, that's what I've been wearing since my teens. High in the waist (covering the belly button), fuller through the hips and thighs, and narrowing at the ankles.

I always thought they looked pretty okay, seeing as that's how most women are shaped anyway. Plus? The eighties. 'Nuff said.

I managed to ditch my poofy bangs over a decade ago, and haven't had a perm in twenty years. Blue frosted eyeshadow and pale "Pink Champagne" Maybelline slim lipstick no longer reside in my make-up case. But those jeans, those wonderful, comfie, GAP Reverse Fit jeans stuck around.

But this is the 21st century, and I kind of needed to get with the program. So today, 40 lbs. lighter than my 200 lbs. at this time last year, I braved the GAP once again and came out with my bottom half looking much less like a flashback to the Reagan years.

Of course, I sport an amazing case of Plumber's Crack if I bend over more than halfway, but I guess that's the price I must pay not to look like something that should be topped by one of Baskin Robbin's 31 flavors.

And y'all... size 12! Down from an 18!

God I miss McDonald's, but apparently my body doesn't.

Update No. 2

I am heading out in the morning on a family vacation to Unicoi State Park in Georgia. Therefore, it's highly likely that my posting time will be non-existent. My hope is that my pretty shiny new laptop and I will be able to get onto the wireless network at the lodge (a hope echoed by one of my bosses who hadn't finished editing that last spec I was working on), peek in, post a picture or forty, and wave at y'all from up there.

However, if I'm not online for the next week, that's what happened. I'll definitely be back on Sunday, car willing, and will litter this blog with vacation pictures.

Have, fun, stay safe, and I'll see you within a week!


Babs RN said...

Girl, I got me some bootcut low/mid-riders a couple of years ago and NEVER looked back. As far as I'm concerned they can stay in style forever. They tend not to be too flattering on the rear view, I'm afraid, but they sure do make everything else look good! Get you a couple of good chunky/clunky belts and toss on a pair of high-heeled boots and watch the men melt when you walk by ;)

Congrats on joining us in the new millenium and have a great vacation!

Angel said...

WOOOOOO on the new jeans! Oh, the hotness of you :)

Have a great trip!

Amanda said...


They aren't bad. And I think they make my hips look a little narrower (no small feat).

I have to buy belts? But yes, high heels would help with these short little legs of mine, LOL.

And Angel, thank you on both counts!

Yes, I'm up at a ridiculous time when I have to be up in three hours. I'm always this way before a trip. Unfortunately, I'm driving. Ick. For those of y'all who are praying types, pray for my wakefulness.

Driving is not my friend.

Neither is my car, come to think of it.

Mauigirl said...

Congratulations on the size 12s! I think the belts are needed because the low riders tend to continue to ride lower and lower, otherwise. At least in my experience! I used to love the "hip huggers" back in the 70's but I was a LOT thinner then and for some reason they didn't fall off me. But I also wore belts. Because I was skinny enough to wear things tucked in back then!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Mauigirl!

And yes, I figured out about the jeans getting lower and lower. I spent a reasonable part of my trip hiking them up so I wasn't flashing crack everytime I sat down. It's a bit of an adjustment, but damn, these things look GOOD!

Rural Felicity said...

LOVE the low to mid- rise jeans! I wore some higher waisted ones yesterday, and well, not so flattering.

That is wonderful you are down to a size 12!!!

Amanda said...

Rural Felicity, thanks! The math for weight loss is easy... Thou Shalt Expend More Calories Than Thou Takest In.

The reality of it is more difficult. And when you add in different factors for different people (metabolism, heredity, health issues, lifestyle, etc.) it can be flat overwhelming.

I'm just glad it worked for me. I'm still working on it, as I'm a fairly small-boned 5'-7". 135 is my goal, or a little lower perhaps... but just a bit. I'm taking it slowly (because I love food), but I figure the more slowly it comes off, the better chance I have of keeping it off.

My next mini-goal is 155. Very mini, LOL. Slow and steady, though. Slow and steady.