Saturday, June 02, 2007

Template Question

Does anyone know how I could widen the column to the left of my blog entries? Or somehow narrow down the BlogLog and Twitter widgets? They're all cut off, and I either need a wider sidebar or a couple of more narrow widgets.

I tried narrowing the Twitter widget down, but it seemed like it just kept moving to the right.

I'm not an HTML queen. I can do some tiny things, but as I can't really read the code well at all (and I was going into computers? Hee... delusional much?), so this is a bit mind-boggling.

Any assistance is welcome.

Update: Well, I messed with the width of the main body and sidebar, taking some away from the primary writing column and adding to the sidebar column. This solution, though, is imperfect as it makes the body of the writing really long and narrow.

I also had to decrease the margin between the sidebar and main body to an uncomfortable degree.

The ideal solution would be to take those little margins out to the side of the main body and the sidebar (the far left and right light brownish/ yellowish parts) and narrow them a bit, rather than widening the sidebar at the expense of the main body.

Problem is, I can't find where to fix that in the code. I can't identify what it's called. Urrrgh!



Angel said...

I might be able to help you with that....we'll chat later ;)

Amanda said...

Okies, lady!

By the way... hope you're feeling okay. Hives, rash.. ugh!