Monday, June 04, 2007

A Post Wherein Amanda Uses Poor Language

I'm going on vacation next week . Yes, the blog will likely be a dead zone unless Unicoi State Park has computers for guests as, in spite of the available WiFi, I don't have a laptop. And the hell if I'm going to type out blog entries on my cell phone (PDA-style with a little pull-out keyboard). So I can read y'all, but then again? Tiny screen.

Might just have an entire week off from "Teh Intarweebs".

Anyway, because I'm out next week and because none of the partners remembered the e-mail I sent out to them stating when I'd be out for vacation, I now have FOUR sets of specifications to type and edit this week. FREAKING FOUR!

And they're all educational facilities which means there isn't a single spec among them under 700 pages. Holy cow.

So here I sit, assiduously avoiding the work I brought home (an addendum to a specification and edits on a different spec), yet knowing that I've gotta get this shit knocked out before I go to bed tonight.


Now that I've whined and cussed a bit, I've gotta say that this really isn't too bad a thing. I'll be working most nights this week as well as during the day, but the hours I work at night will make all my bosses happy, which makes me happy, and it will also knock down some of the vacation hours I'll be taking next week.

Okay, enough. Must put on my big girl panties now and get down to business.


Angel said...

WOOHOO on your vacation!! Make sure you party more than I did this week ;) Hey, have a margarita for me too!

Amanda said...

You've had a rough week of it!

There won't be much partying. The kids and I are going, the husband is staying home with the cats.

I will likely have two small-ish boys creeping into bed with me nightly, shoving their sharp little knees and elbows into my back.

They also snore.