Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random No. 4

Along the lines of Random No. 2, to aid in efficacy when trying to dry clothes in the clothes dryer, one must turn the dryer on.

If, however, one is attempting to grow mildew on clothes, just tossing them in the dryer and leaving them to sit damply is highly effective.


Rural Felicity said...

I've done this more than once! It isn't good for the clothes, is it?!

Also, on a similar vein, though you may not be aware of a crayon being present with your clothing, be sure to not dry your clothes with one (or two). Crayons melted into clothing = bad.

Amanda said...

LOL, Felicity! Yes, been there, done that. It creates an interesting color pattern on one's whites (and one's not-so-whites, for that matter).

Mauigirl said...

It is also very effective if you leave the same damp clothes right in the washing machine and never even move them to the dryer. I can vouch for this.

A Mom Who Thinks Too Much said...

And do you know what happens when you put your two-year old's pee-pee jammies directly in the washer, thinking you'll get to that load within the next 12 hours and you don't?

I don't know, either. A day and a half later, I just added more clothes, shut the door, and let 'er rip.