Friday, June 01, 2007


Well, looks like Tropical Storm Barry has formed just in time for Hurricane Season.

I hate freaking hurricanes. We got nailed by three back in 2004. First Charley made his landing (time without power: 6 hours). Then Frances came and hung out about damned near forever (time without power: 12 hours). Finally, we got nailed by Jeanne when she finally figured out where the hell she was going (time without power: 18 hours).

We were really very fortunate. Our time without power was minimal. My parents live in the same town as I do and they were without power for days after Charley and Frances, and lost it for weeks after Jeanne.


But as well as we did through the first three, I must say I'm not eager to go there again. We still live here, though, so I guess I'll just suck it up. It's either that or deal with blizzards.

Update 6/2/07: Barry's been downgraded to a tropical depression. We got rain, which we desperately needed. It's a good thing.


Angel said...

Yeah, no more Tropical Trios for me either.

But at least the rain is keeping down the influx of rolly-pollies. And my hives (which are more annoying than pillbugs).

Word Verification: fuiqo. I feel like I'm cursing in Italian ;)

Amanda said...

Good news on the rolly-pollies! I note from your blog that the hives may be improving, so that's also good to hear (knock wood).

Hee... gotta love the word verification!