Wednesday, March 07, 2012

*Watching the Pouring Rain*

6:20 PM, 40 minutes, 10.9 miles, solid-state cardio with Tabata intervals

No, it's not literally raining. It's just a dental deluge here. The Gum Zombie has not inherited my teeth. I have a whopping 3 fillings. Period. Two of them were within the past year -- the first wasn't until I was 19. The Elder, blessedly, is following in my footsteps thus far.

The sweet little nine-year-old Gum Zombie, though, has four fillings, one current crown, and thanks to chipping his top right front tooth at school today (permanent, natch) he's going to have yet another crown!

Adding to the bliss, he didn't even share what he'd done with his teacher *headdesk*

If all that weren't enough, Emily the Cat has to go in for her teeth, and I just got word that Bob the Cat might want to investigate his oral hygiene as well.

I give. Good grief. There go those last 2.5 hours of sick leave. It's a miracle I held on to them until March.

My son: he haz a talent.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

When it rains, huh!?! I hate the dentist already, so this sounds like torture!

Amanda said...

Worse yet, he had a rough enough time with his last set of fillings so I am not envisioning an easy time of it. Hopefully I'm wrong :(

Poor little guy. And our poor wallets! Sheesh.