Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Here Again!

6:27 PM, 40 minutes, 10.9 miles

Some days it just has to be evenings. I'm feeling slightly less "ick" than I was, but it's not improving like I'd like so I've made an appointment with my most-awesome GP (she's so great I still go to her even though they don't take stupid United Healthcare -- yes I would rather pay the cash rate to this woman than go to someone who takes my insurance and pay the co-pay) to go over why I feel so run-down. It could be thyroid, could be allergies, could be my particular allergy medicine, or it could just be that I'm exhausted because that's the way life is sometimes.

I don't know, so I'm taking it up a level.

One of the awesome things about exercising in the evening when Choreboy is working later (he pulled a 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM shift today) is that I can chair-dance on the recumbent bike as I'm riding to my heart's content without worrying someone will see me. Choreboy wouldn't care -- he's watched me dance my way across the kitchen when I'm plugged into my iPod and we've both giggled like lunatics, but there's something nice about just being able to let go and not care.

Today's song:

I had my playlist on shuffle and this one came on first. Kicked things into gear nicely :)

Okay, I'm off! Dinner is lentil soup and a side of sardines. Yeah, I know it's twisted, but it'll do.


Choreboy said...

I think it's the time of year. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts as well. Not physically, just as a general "feeling".

And I don't know why you worry about the exercise thing. I really don't.

But you're cute anyway :)

Norma said...

Holy 1989, Batman! Horns up for Alice!