Saturday, March 10, 2012

Title? Nah...

2:45 PM, 45-ish minutes or thereabouts, circuits with Tabata intervals

Kill me now. I upped my weights because I wasn't worn out enough after my last time with my weights, and now I want to puke.

On the plus side, no doubt I pushed it today. I killed it on Tabatas, chanting "Do you want it? Do you want it?" over and over in my head during the high speed parts, and gasping and gulping during the rest periods.

No clue what "it" was, but as long as it works I'll take it as a mantra.

Tomorrow's my rest day, then Monday it's circuits again. Body fat dropped 3/10ths of a percent in 3 weeks, via my circumference measuring, so we'll just see how it is in another few weeks.


Dinner tonight is Mahi Mahi steaks with wilted spinach and oven roasted tomatoes. Pretty! Tasty too. I had almost no meat all last week, barring one Chipotle run and the can of sardines I ate last night, and I'm feeling it. Time to play carnivore again.

Have a good one, y'all!

***Update: dinner was awesome -- my first time cooking mahi, but it was excellent. Plus I got all nerdy and used Choreboy's thermal laser gun thingie (infrared/ no-contact thermometer, per Himself) to verify the temperature of my cast iron skillet before I plopped the fish on. Beauty.


Norma said...

CHYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH on Tabatas! And I want one of those laser thermometers!

Norma said...

*Actually, Josh has one to measure ground temperature but I don't know how good it would be to use on food!

Amanda said...

Well remember I'm just using it to measure the temperature of the pan to make sure it's "screaming hot" (from one of the thousands of Food Network chefs who've said that) before I put the food in.

I saw Alton Brown use one on an episode of Good Eats, got all starry-eyed over it (yay, technology!) and next thing I knew Choreboy had moved his in from his workshop into my pantry. Nice man, sharing his tools :)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I hadn't heard of a laser thermometer. I totally need one! It sounds like your workouts are super effective - just don't hurt yourself!

Choreboy said...

You have to remember that the laser thermometers are fine for measuring SURFACE temperature. Internal temp on meat, poultry and fish should always be taken with a probe thermometer to ensure safety.

(You probably know this already, but I work in food so I had to say it.)