Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So I was bored with my workouts. The bike wasn't too bad, but too much cardio isn't going to do me good with my need to build more muscle and my limited time, and the circuits I'd been doing myself were meh, so I went to my Jillian Michaels source and found a lovely circuit training combination to try.

Oh. My. Hell. My glutes hurt, my biceps hurt, my upper back is not pleased and I once again hosed my knee because I'm too stupid not to do mountain climbers. Or was it the jumping jacks that did it?

It feels great. Not the knee -- I need to limit myself to zero or one circuit with a higher impact cardio option (because changing stuff up is good) so I don't completely hose my mobility. But other than the knee it's a good kind of sore -- muscular, not joint or connective tissue related. I think I'll throw these in a couple of times a week, just for giggles.


Regarding my time of day for exercising, I'm going with evenings again for awhile. I appear to have the boys in gear for doing their homework on their own while I'm busy breathing heavy, then I can help them out after I've hit the showers. Waking up at 5:00 isn't off the table, but until I figure out why I'm so tired I'm going to go with the basic explanation of "You need more sleep, silly" and leave the early alarm out of the equation.

Choreboy sprayed the yard for fleas last night, and I'm bringing Hound home tonight. We'll see how much good it did. Here's hoping!


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Yeah, I'm for evenings too. Mornings are too EARLY and I need my beautiful sleeeeeeep :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Amanda! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too when it comes!

Angela Pea said...

Uh, yeah. You need more sleep, Silly! ;)

That's what I've been doing this week...going to bed early regardless of the cleanliness of the kitchen and threatening all persons in the house with bodily harm if they wake me up before the alarm goes off in the morning. I've been struggling trying to stay awake driving for crying out loud, so yeah, Silly Me, I need more sleep, too!

Baby that knee, Amanda. There aren't any scheduled clearance sales at the artificial joint factory.

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies! Yes, sleep is awesome.

And I'm taking care of the knee. My problem is that I don't want to sell myself short on my ability to do things and that combines with a genetic predisposition to joint injury and instability with icky outcomes.

My poor brother, who was once a tennis pro and was serious about his USTA ranking, had his first joint surgery (wrist) before he was 22, and now at age 38 has also had shoulder surgery and two back surgeries. Oh, and due to ongoing pain from the injury that precipitated the back surgeries, is now looking at a third. That's the guy who WAS seriously athletic, and now I'm more active than he's able to be.

Thankfully my children have a fighting chance. I've mixed up their genetics nicely :)