Friday, March 09, 2012


6:10 PM, 40 minutes, 11 miles -- yes!!!

I finally broke the 10 mile barrier, hooray! Okay, I know, a whopping tenth of a mile... but still, I was watching for it. Very cool.

The kids are on Spring Break next week which means I can exercise at night full-on because I won't have any homework to contend with. However, even though I have more time in the evening without the homework obligation, I've also been reminded (because I kept beating my alarm into submission this week, thus necessitating the "PM" exercise-fest) that forty minutes out of my evening constitutes a pretty freaking big chunk.

So... we'll see. Actually, I pretty much know I'm just going to sleep in next week. I may not have it off from work but I might as well enjoy an hour extra in bed.

One thing the evening exercise is showing me is that any time I do my weights and circuits runs I end up nearly gnawing the leg off of my desk at work. Today it hit around 2:00 this afternoon. Even though I'd had a good lunch, my standard breakfast (I'm up to 1/2 cup of egg whites in addition to my whole egg), and my morning snack I was about to tear the drywall off the 2x4s. As soon as I got home I cranked open a can of sardines and wolfed those suckers down. It helped some, but now that I'm done with my cardio I'm ready for my lentils. More than ready, to be honest.

Better go feed myself. Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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