Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sweatin' With the Oldie

6:15 PM, 40 minutes, circuit training with Tabata intervals

I think I'm back in the groove. Whew. I'm noticing my mileage creeping up on the days I'm riding my bike, which tells me that the Tabatas are doing their job. Also, I'm recovering more quickly.

The sweating like a beast bit I could do without, but oh well.


Speaking of sweating, the biggest pain in all this is my hair. As I've gone greyer blonder my hair has become coarser. My stylist says (and I've noticed) that I have the hair texture of someone with really curly hair... but with less curl. And it's inconsistent too, with some very curly patches interspersed with other more wavy areas.

I have to either blow it out straight and then flat iron it, or I let it air-dry and then put it on the hot rollers (why yes, yes I am a child of the eighties -- hey, I live in the South and we still do big hair down here). But what both these styling methods have in common is they hate humidity. Regardless of whether I go curly or straight, as soon as the sweating starts my roots scrunch, and it moves on down the line. If it's humid outside, which in my part of the country is a given, I'm pretty much hosed.

The only thing I've found that works is this "3 Days Straight" stuff from Frizz Ease. It's excellent, and can even beat perspiration in conjunction with Florida humidity. But again with the styling time taking for-freaking-ever. And then, because I exercise, I have a choice of frying my hair daily, or running around feeling like I want to rip my scalp from my head. Chopping it off is not an option. I tried that last spring and without sufficient gravity to weight it down (along with boatloads of product and mondo styling time to boot) I look like I've been having inappropriate relations with a light socket.

Oh well. It could be worse. Although when I'm trying to scrape my hair into some semblance of respectability in the mornings I'm sometimes at a loss for how.


On the brighter side of things, Gum Zombie's chipped tooth wasn't an immediate financial hit. He's too young for a permanent crown on his front tooth, so they smoothed it down and put a dental bond thingie on it. It's not strong like a cap, but it'll do until he gets through the whole little-kid-braces-gee-we-might-want-to-whiten-these-etc. thing. After insurance it was only 20 bucks. The crown is coming someday, but for now we're set.

Friday's on its way, y'all... have a good one!


Choreboy said...

I'm going to have you start doing my hair in the mornings as well, since you don't like it short :)

Amanda said...

Dude, you just gave me an "Achmed, the Dead Terrorist" moment.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I love love love big hair! LOL

Norma said...

I still <3 big hair, too. My hair is the bane of my existence. When I lost weight, I also lost a ton of hair and it wasn't like I had excessively thick hair to begin with. My hair is fine and also multi-textured, with some parts wavy, some spiral-curly and some fairly straight areas in the back. For years I had it long and untamed and, as it doesn't grow much, I could go a year without a haircut. I proudly wore this big mane and would just wash/condition it and let it air dry to minimize damage. For a big change, about 18 months ago I had it keratin-straightened and cut into like a chin-length bob with bangs and I loved that too...but a year of blow-drying and flat ironing it and using three different gels and styling products and taking up an hour every day (and losing all that work in the event of any humidity or rain) got to be too much. And my hair was getting damaged. So in December I cut it all off, short as can be...which I like but am now getting bored with. So I told my stylist I want to start growing it out...and at the rate I grow (turtle speed) it's going to take forever and I'm going to look like Krusty the Klown for a lot of it. I see headbands (ugh) and baseball caps at the gym for a while...I have had a lifelong fantasy of just shaving my head and having a dozen or so killer wigs to choose from but I don't quite have the balls to go there.

Amanda said...

"My hair is the bane of my existence."

Norma, I almost used that exact sentence in this entry. Heh. I swear, I'd almost shave it off some days except I'm so used to it!

Drazil, for me it's a good thing I like it because I think I have a choice between big hair and bald, LOL