Saturday, March 03, 2012

I Got My Mojo Back!

If it's just a false wind, who cares? At least I had some get-up-and-go today, and it felt awesome!

We got up early today because... well, more or less just because. My alarm went off at 6:00 and I stumbled to the kitchen to caffeinate. Choreboy went to work, then I got up the kids because we were heading to a neighboring county's fair. We stopped at Bob Evans to eat breakfast, and I think I did pretty well. I ordered off their regular menu but ended up subbing everything except my two eggs. So in addition to two eggs I also had a link of turkey sausage which I'd subbed for pork sausage (got 2 links, gave one to The Eternally Starving Teenager), subbed a fruit bowl for the hash browns, and said "please no bread" to the biscuits. Came out to under 400 calories which isn't bad for that particular restaurant.

Our stay at the fair lasted a whopping two hours. It was miserably hot so after seeing the exhibition halls, eating a chocolate covered strawberry, staring at several dozen cows and pigs, and riding on The Dreaded Spin-and-Barf (among other rides for the boys -- that one was my only), we decided to call it a day.

Got home, rested a bit, and then I bit the bullet and did some circuit training with Tabata intervals mixed in. I think I'll pay for it tomorrow, but I needed the resistance and I also desperately needed to actively exercise and break the slump I've had. So I did.

Now I'm beat, but it's a different "beat". I'm hoping this feeling holds.


Also, I'd like to say thank you to all of you regarding the response to my "Numbers" post. I honestly can't remember being that upset by a stupid statistic. I know that when I was in full-on weight loss mode I'd get peevish when the scale would refuse to budge -- shoot, see my sidebar for some commentary, even -- but I also knew that it was just one of those things and I didn't really stress over it. There's only so much food restriction I'm willing to do, and there's only so much exercise I can do in a day, so if my body was done losing weight with what I was reasonably able to throw at it, so be it, yanno? I can adapt my expectations. But the body fat percentage number being so far out of line with my expectations (and my own knowledge of my body)... that was painful. It threw me for such a loop.

And I agree with all of you that there was an accuracy error. I am somewhat angry that the BOD POD is put out there as the "gold standard" of body composition testing. Something else I found out in my research is that the clinical model of the BOD POD is a different animal from the mass-market version. The clinical model measures air volume in the lungs whereas the mass-market version simply uses an estimated control number. That plus the rather wide variations there can be in operator expertise and the clothing factor (because even "close fitting" is subjective) leaves a much greater margin of error when using the mass market version than the corporation would like for us to believe.

This fall I hope to join a gym -- the Elder is aging out of childcare, so I'll have a bit more flexibility for spending -- and I'll do a caliper-style body composition analysis there. Until that time I'll keep up with my workouts, make sure I'm not shorting myself on resistance (anyone with good resistance stuff for lower body that takes into account knees from HELL, for home workouts just holler at me!), and entertain myself with the Naval formula circumference measurements.

It'll do :)

Edited to add: y'all, I've changed my commenting settings to disallow anonymous comments. I don't think this really affects anyone who comments regularly, but I figured I'd give you a heads up. Ever since I turned off my "captcha" words (because I can barely read them on others' blogs), I'm being hit multiple times a day by anonymous posters leaving loverly links in my comments. Which I guess isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it bugs when I think I have a real comment and instead I find it was left by a computerized asshat.


Norma said...

I *wish* it were "too miserably hot" to attend a fair here! I should not complain, as we have had an extremely mild and snow-free winter, but it's been like a stretch of lousy November weather that's lasted six months long right into the indistinguishable lousy March weather...I'm always chilly and so sick of wearing socks! :) Thx for all the BodPod info; I'm totally not going to do it based on that. I'll stick with calipers. If I find a place that does water immersion I might give that a try but I am not going to stress over it anymore.

Amanda said...

Well, this is the sub-tropical version of an extremely mild winter. For the last two years we had much harder winters with highs below 70 and overnight lows approaching or below freezing for several weeks total.

This year? Not so much. I think the mercury has dipped below 32 maybe three times. Most of our highs lately have been in the freaking eighties. It's revolting.

Of course I say this and then today we got a blast of cooler weather. Tonight it's supposed to dip into the upper 40's. Like we say, welcome to Florida: if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

Re: the BOD POD, obviously I was searching for experiences that matched mine when I did the research after I got my measurement. So it's more likely to find negatives when you're searching for them. Then again, it's easier to overlook negative reviews for the BOD POD unless you're deliberately searching for them as the parent company was very good at salting the internet with articles promoting its accuracy.

Here's one blog I found where the lady's experience matched mine:

And here is another analysis, which I obviously agree with a little more than my experience:

I'd definitely try hydrostatic body composition testing if I could find it in my area, but yeah, I think the BOD POD just has too much margin for error, depending on the operator and other subjective factors.

Definitely I wouldn't stress over it!