Monday, March 05, 2012

Keeping that Momentum

5:00 AM, 40 minutes, circuit training with Tabata intervals

Yes, it's a repeat of Saturday's workout, but I'm increasing my resistance training so it's all good. Timing-wise it worked because poor Choreboy has Mondays off so at least the sound of my weights occasionally clanking about didn't make him go to work exhausted. Instead, he gets to be exhausted at home!

I'm thoughtful like that.

I start with supported squats (back against my exercise ball which is against the wall) carrying two 15-pound weights, either 15 or 20 reps... I can't remember how many I did because my brain has given up, but I know it was a multiple of five greater than ten and less than twenty-five. I do supported squats because my knees are really bad -- as in they make my orthopedist salivate -- and the right is especially awful due to some soft-tissue trauma it suffered when I very intelligently ran my mother's mini van into the rear end of a semi back in 1990. Genius, I'm telling you!

Anyway, after that it's 15 incline pushups using my treadmill for support, then 15 of these hamstring/ core things where I lay on my back on my yoga mat, feet up on my exercise ball, and I roll that sucker in to my body, then back out. Then I hold plank for a minute (I'm nearly there -- I just recently started doing planks since I realized I could hold a plank on my forearms instead of my hands because my wrists, also, are uncooperative); then biceps curls, 15 each (or there are a couple of variations on that I'm trying to cycle through); followed by 15 each of triceps extensions (again with some variation) and calf raises. Finally I hit the Tabata intervals on the exercise bike where for 20 seconds I'm pedaling as if Death himself is hot on my heels, then for 10 seconds I rest. Repeat until 4 minutes have passed or Death catches up.

Anyway, three times through that cycle and then I'm done. SparkPeople thinks I burn 299 calories doing this. Okay... maybe. But you couldn't prove it by me. Exhaustion doesn't equate to hundreds in additional caloric intake. Believe me, I've tried it.


I'm tired again today and feeling kind of cruddy, but I think it's really the allergies this time. I've been sneezing thanks to a rather large cat who felt I should have to drag him back inside from the garage when he did not want to come in, thankyouverymuch, and the dander/pollen combo is doing a number on me. That and I didn't get to sleep last night until a little after 10:00, which put me at less than 7 hours of sleep.

Not enough caffeine in the northern hemisphere. Just saying.

Oh well, halfway there. Thank goodness. Happy(ish?) Monday!


Furry Bottoms said...

I admire your dedication to your workout regime!!

Amanda said...

Oh it waxes and wanes, believe me... but thank you!