Thursday, March 15, 2012

Momentum Rocks!

6:55, 40 minutes circuits with Tabatas (and the Tabatas were at the increased resistance too)

My arms are still shaking. Not sure what my legs are doing because I'm not trying to do anything with them outside of recline. But I know I did well on my upper body at least, and with the increased resistance on my bike I like to think it gives me a bit more of a leg workout as well as increasing cardio effort.

I went to my appointment with Dr. Awesome yesterday, and she is, well, awesome. We spent a portion of the appointment ripping our hair out over the FCAT, and the rest running over why I'm so tired. Just from a look-see-listen type check, I'm fine. Revoltingly so, even, considering my raging hayfever. My most recent bloodwork was great, but since it's been some time so we're going to run it again, and also check my D-levels and my B12. If there's nothing there to explain my exhaustion, I think we're chalking it up to that marvelous thing called "life".

New episode of Swamp People is on tonight. I am totally obsessed. Yes, I'm aware this is sad beyond belief. Now ask me if I care :P



Norma said...

We're currently obsessed with "Chopped," "Restaurant Impossible," and, of course, "Storage Wars" and "Parking Wars." Josh will sometimes watch "Swamp People" and that logging show, marathon-style on the weekends but I kind of just observe those from afar. "World's Dumbest" on TruTV is a great time-waster as well!

Amanda said...

We both love "Chopped", and "World's Dumbest" is our go-to for "holy crap, why isn't there anything on?" TV viewing.

Danny Bonaduce just cracks me up.