Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Saturday, sometime in the afternoon, 40 minutes, 10.5 miles (2 sets Tabatas mixed with solid-state cardio)
Tuesday, 5:00 AM, 40 minutes, 10.5 miles
Wednesday, 5:00 AM, 40 minutes, 10.4 miles (2 sets Tabatas mixed with solid-state cardio)

Whew. So yes, I've been at it, even though I haven't reported in. It's been absolute lunacy the past few days what with the pipe bursting and some refrigerator dramatics. But whatever, we're through it. I think I need to sacrifice a weekday solid-state cardio session or two to resistance training instead. Or mix in some circuits. Planning to do those on weekends is all well and good, but I like to have a bit more variety during the week rather than have clumps here and there. And with weights and circuit training, I definitely need a few days in between. Maybe even just trading out one cardio session for a circuit day, then do the other one on Saturday. That could work. So then I'd have two solid-state cardio days, two 2 sets Tabatas mixed with solid-state cardio days, and two circuit days.


Oh, and we just had our first major adolescent meltdown*. Poor Elder. I can't say anything to make him feel better either. All I can do is listen, and I'd be happy to if the child would just freaking talk to me. He won't, though, because I am his mother and therefore I am the epitome of clueless. Or dense. Or whatever word they're using these days to describe parental stupidity.

Sheesh. My appreciation for my own parents grows daily. The fact that they let me live past fifteen is still something of a marvel.

Anyway, have a good one folks! Here's hoping I don't go home to curdled milk.

*I'd describe it but then the child would find my blog, read it, and we would have the meltdown to end all meltdowns.


The Ninja said...

Bummer about the Elder, sometimes I think I make my mom crazy talking through my crap with her, she could do with knowing a little less about my life.

It's a good idea to switch up the workouts, everything I've read says it's beneficial to do different things, help muscles grow in different ways and work better.

Michael Mock said...

I am not looking forward to the boys hitting teenagerhood. Hope things look up for Elder, though.

Angela Pea said...

Hi Amanda!
So sorry for the fridge issues. Curdled milk stinks. Literally.

As for the elder? I can't offer anything but sympathy and reassurance that it gets better. My teen sons' angst and meltdowns were BY FAR worse than their elder sisters' during those particularly trying middle school years. I think perhaps it's because the girls had optional outlets for talking out their difficulties - girlfriends, aunties, girlfriends' moms, etc. Boys don't generally have such a network, so they opt for the meltdown and/or throwing things at the parental units.

Oh - and the best talking time for teen sons is in the car. They're captive, and there's something secure and non-confrontational about talking to mom from the safety of the back seat of the car while she's driving. It's because you can't freak out while driving, right?

Have a marvelous day!

Norma said...

Oh, dear...I'm sure we're heading in that direction here. My dear late mother would wryly remark, during my tumultuous early teen years, that she hoped some day I'd have a daughter just like myself. Well, I got two of them, and they'll be hitting puberty right about the time I hit menopause and I suspect the shit will hit the fan!

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone -- I know we'll get through it, but some days it's hair-rippingly nervewracking!