Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I was so exhausted last night that I climbed into bed about 8:30. Now granted, I didn't fall asleep until a bit after 9:00 because the boys needed me to stay up to put them to bed, but still... it was early. My body hurt, my eyes were heavy, it was time.

So why-oh-why, please tell me, did I wake up at one-freaking-forty-five this morning? And then proceed to not fall back to sleep until about 2:55, just five minutes before Choreboy got home from closing shift? And then I stayed awake again until sometime after 4:00!

Topping off all this joy, I was having the mother of all night sweat sessions. That plus the mind racing, you know, where you're stressing about things you can't possibly fix a three o'clock in the damn morning, but you're too tired to tell your brain to just shut up already?

Good times, only not so much.

No, I didn't get up at 5:00 this morning, I was busy trying to catch a few more Zzzz's. My plan is to do my circuits this evening. I've talked to the boys and let them know my plan for the evening, and assuming no one's homework is too daunting I think it'll work out. Then Thursday morning I can scrape myself out of bed for some nice, meandering solid-state cardio.

On tap for this weekend: survive the Elder's 13th birthday, and buy myself a new bed. This one has had it.


Choreboy said...

Thank heavens the alarm company that covers my job didn't call at 6:20 and put a cramp in your routine! *ducking*

Of course, I didn't get but 1.5 hours sleep due to that as well.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I forgot to list that particular bit of happiness :P

(and actually, sweetie, they called about 6:05, minutes into my final "smack the heck out of the alarm and snooze for just a leetle bit longer" time -- arrrgh!!!)