Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'd Like 26 Hours in a Day, Please

Monday, 5:00 AM, 40 minutes, 10.5 miles
Tuesday, 5:00 AM, 40 minutes, 10.3 miles (2 Tabata sets within solid state cardio)

I really do need another two hours per day. Minimum.

I'm up at 5, brush teeth, etc, get on workout gear, get the coffee pot going, take out the dog, head to the computer room, get on the bike for 40 minutes (by now it's 5:20-ish), off the bike, record time and mileage, into the shower, out, toss on basics (not work clothes, but not back to jammies), cook breakfast (currently 1 egg, 1/4 cup egg whites), throw treats at cats to keep them out from under me, eat, fold laundry (there is ALWAYS damned laundry), wake up boys, get on makeup, put on work clothes, do hair, make sure offspring are vertical, jewelry on, kiss husband, banana in the car, kids in the car, dog in the car, cat treats flung to keep cats inside, and we're off by about 7:03.

Drop off the Gum Zombie at his school, drop off the Elder at his before/ after school care center, drop the dog off at Doggy Daycare (i.e., my parents' house), eat bowl of fruit and suck down cup of coffee while hopefully not scalding the inside of my mouth, get to work by 8:00.


5:00 PM, leave work, pick up dog, pick up Elder, pick up Gum Zombie, arrive home anywhere between 5:40 and 6:00 PM, depending on traffic. Feed offspring, throw laundry into washer (always, always freaking laundry), get shower, blow out hair (this one doesn't always happen -- I have my limits), eat dinner, wash dishes if Choreboy's working late, help children with homework.

8:00 PM, collapse. If I'm lucky. Spend time with husband. Ditto. And somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 PM? Bed.

Next day, start it all over again. It's not hell by any means (I know from hell), just tiring. Plus my schedule severely cuts into my reading time :P

Yes, I live for weekends.


The Ninja said...

I live for three o-clock. With the countdown so low I get to go home at 3 everyday and Jeeves has been coordinating helpers to come and hang with me a couple days each week.

I think 26 hours a day would be excellent, however I am fairly certain I would use that extra time to lurk on pinterest or watch Julie and Julia rather then doing something useful or getting extra rest.

Norma said...

Seriously, what is UP with the eternal, seemingly self-regenerating laundry? IT NEVER ENDS.

Amanda said...

Yeah, in my third trimester with the Gum Zombie I went to a MWF schedule, 6 hours a day. It was marvelous. And as for my extra two hours a day, shoot I'd be wasting them too. That's why I need them!

Norma, holy crap you aren't kidding. Swear to God it breeds. Probably in an unpleasant and unattractive fashion.