Friday, February 03, 2012

Hey, Bring That Back!

They're carting away my Mother of the Year trophy. Again.

You know how there are some children who, frankly, veer toward the dramatic? And every injury down to a paper cut demands the care of an entire surgical suite? Yeah, I have one of those.

So yesterday when the Gum Zombie hurt his ankle at his after school care center, I looked at it, saw it was neither bruised nor swollen, and figured it would be better in the morning just like countless similar injuries have been. Instead, this morning he couldn't put any weight on it and as luck would have it, the doctor at the urgent care center said the X-rays appear to show a small fracture.

I was horrified. He has been positively gleeful and has gloried in telling me (repeatedly) "And YOU kept telling me to put weight on it! No trophy for you!"

The kid is true to his genetics, what can I say?

So at any rate, we have a child who is tickled with his crutches, is nearly as enthralled with his splint/ ACE bandage combo, and who will be going in to the orthopedist as quickly as can be managed next week.

I'll be the mom in the corner wearing the dunce cap. Oy.


Choreboy said...

At least there's an excuse to prohibit him from wearing those "heelies" that he is so fond of. (I really hate those things.) You were well within the boundaries of reasonable when you figured it was another case of "playing it to the fullest" on his part dear.

On the plus side? You look really cute in a dunce cap :)

Amanda said...

Well here I was thinking the Heelys were going to be what caused it! Instead he waited until he was wearing a perfectly normal pair of shoes to be knocked over... le sigh.

Poor little guy. I hope you're feeding him some banana bread today since I abandoned you both with each other *hugs*