Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday Monday

4:45, awake. 5:00 alarm. 10.2 miles, life is good.

I took Friday as a cardio rest day, did my weights and resistance training that night, then went an hour on the bike on Saturday (average 15.1 MPH, but covered only 14.9 miles, no I don't know how that works), and 40 minutes on it yesterday. Getting up this morning was evil in spite of the fact that I now wake up well in advance of the alarm, but setting my mind that I will do this and report back has some good accountability going.

The Gum Zombie is hanging out at home today with Choreboy, bless both their hearts. We finally have an appointment with an orthopedist, but that's not until tomorrow morning so until then we're still doing the splint/ ACE bandage combo. It's actually kind of a good thing because I can make sure the child is clean this way, as I can take off the splint for him to soak in the tub for a little. Once we have a cast on (I'm praying they'll decide on a boot instead of a cast -- please!!) it's going to be a whole 'nother ball game.

Oh well, it's part and parcel of the parental package. And at least he waited until he was older to break his first bone. The Elder managed to break his arm when he was 3. That child is a talent.


In other news, I finally managed to bake a decent banana bread yesterday. Hooray! I don't understand why, but for some reason baking anything with bananas was just giving me fits. They'd be raw in the middle, or dried out, or the last instance the loaves turned out more like... banana bread pudding? Which wasn't awful or anything, just not bread-like.

And I wanted banana bread. Dammit.

In order to dispose of the loaves efficiently (i.e., not strap them to my ass with duct tape), I brought one in to the office and also cut a generous slice from the "home" loaf to take to my parents this morning. My hope is that Choreboy and the Gum Zombie will consume mass quantities of the remaining loaf while I'm at work, and by the time I get home it will be all gone.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but a girl can dream.


Dr. Fat To Fit said... son has had so many breaks....such a bummer. Especially for the Mom. :)
Your workouts are inspiring me. I love banana bread, but it is DANGEROUS to have around. I can eat the whole loaf easily. Thus the reason I rarely bake. But sounds like you have a good plan.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I don't bake much outside of the holidays myself due to the whole "I made it, that should burn off the calories of eating it, right?" theory I sometimes operate under -- bad theory... BAD -- but I had all these freaking bananas and I just couldn't waste them! I did substitute some of the white flour with white (albino) wheat. It worked well. It didn't turn it into health food, but I find I have less trouble restraining myself when I lower the amount of more refined flour.

Right now I'm focused, so I can be moderate with banana bread. That isn't always the case. Those are the days/ weeks/ months I'll just pitch the freaking bananas and hang the waste, LOL.

As for workouts, you're pretty kick-ass yourself! I figure if a doctor with more kids than I have can manage to get workouts in, surely I can as well :)