Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Laid Plans (I think I've used this title before...)

So yesterday there I was, in my workout gear, ready to hop on the bike for 10+ miles or so. The Season 3 premiere of Swamp People was replaying and since I'd fallen asleep halfway through it on Thursday, the actual premiere night, I was tickled pink. Figured I'd pedal away, watch Troy & Co. choot 'em some gators, and life would be good, right?

Yeah, it didn't happen.

I was just tying my shoes when Choreboy came in with a serious look on his face. "You need to come see this."

Water. Dripping out of the side of my house. And it was steaming.


Nothing like the hot water supply line breaking to put a crimp in your day. Goodbye, cycling; hello, Lowe's.

Thankfully I am married to Mr. Fixit. In fact, I'm rapidly starting to believe if Choreboy can't fix it then it's broken for good.* All it took was a trip to the store to pick up some emery cloth, a length of copper pipe, and this new ball valve thingie he wanted to put on the water heater. He already had everything else he needed at home. In fact, if you'd like a detailed version of events, here's his blog entry about it, in glorious technicolor detail.

So now the hot water is as it should be, happily contained in its pipes and no longer spewing everywhere, and Choreboy once again wins Best!Husband!Ever!

*That said, he's actually very straightforward about things that are beyond his abilities, like the garage door spring when it broke. That definitely merited a call to the garage door repair folks.


Ms. M said...

Good thing you have Mr. Fixit or it could have been much worse! Glad its all fixed up now. :)

Choreboy said...

Thank you for the rave reviews dear :) Next weekend I need to repair the sheet rock where I had to cut it out to get to the leak. And you make the most awesome batch of redbeans ever :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Man, I need a Mr. Fixit, instead of a Mr. I will pretend I can fix it, but really can't-it...!